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10 Almost-Black Lipsticks That Look Amazingly Good

Almost-black lipsticks aren't just gear meant for goths. Awesome black shades show you how to get dramatic looks without looking like Lily Munster.

Call me a little weird, or call me a bit too daring, but I'm very partial to dark lipstick shades. My purse is filled to the brim with a slew of almost-black lipsticks that I wear on a near-daily basis.

Though I'm often called a little witchy in my style, the truth is that dark lipsticks look good—as long as you choose the right shade, anyway. The problem most people have when they are trying to find a new darker lipstick shade is that they tend to choose the wrong colors.

These ultra-flattering lipsticks are great picks, stay on for ages, and also work with a nice variety of different skin tones. Check out my notes on the topic if you want to learn how to rock a vamped-out look.

In My Fashion by MAC

Are you looking for a lipstick shade that's dramatic, matte, and just plain glamorous? Then you're going to love MAC Cosmetics' matte lipstick in their smash hit color, In My Fashion.

Legit, this was the lipstick that put MAC on the map among makeup artists and professionals in the fashion world. That says something pretty darn serious.

This remains one of the brand's most popular almost-black lipsticks because it's universally flattering. It's such a dark shade of burgundy-brown, it looks black when you apply it. You will love how vampy, yet classy, it looks.

Jinx by Lime Crime

Love them or hate them, Lime Crime is here to stay. Their wild, cruelty-free lipsticks are pretty popular among the "in crowd," especially when it comes to their more esoteric shades. 

Their Velvetine lipsticks are liquid matte shades that are super long-lasting without getting smudgy mid-day. This makes them a great pick for ladies who don't feel like touching up their lips every five minutes on date night. 

When it comes to finding almost-black lipsticks from Lime Crime, you really got to love their Jinx color. This works best with people who don't have yellowish teeth, since the purple tends to emphasize yellows pretty heavily. 

Bloodmoon by Lime Crime

Yes, the wild styles of Lime Crime did it again. This is another member of their Velvetines family, and it might be the closest thing to black on this list!

Bloodmoon is a blue-based red that's so deep, it really does look black. This ultra-dramatic shade is sophisticated, flattering, and classy—all while retaining a certain gothic edge that will have people's jaws dropping.

Having seen this on a friend of mine, I can honestly say that it works spectacularly well on warmer, darker skin tones. Best of all? It's the kind of red that helps make your teeth look white.

PIAF by Kat Von D

Could it be? Could it actually be? A brown lipstick that's meant for cool shades and has shimmer? It's legit, and it's for real. (Yes, I didn't believe it at first, either.)

Anyone who has rosey tones that wanted to wear brown-black lipstick can tell you that it's hard to find a flattering shade for cool tones. Fortunately, you have makeup guru Kat Von D to thank for being one of your newest favorite lipstick brands.

This ultra-dark shade of brown comes with a light smattering of purple shimmer, a deeply moisturizing base, and one of the most long lasting shades of its kind.

After Midnight by Manic Panic

Most people are aware of Manic Panic's epic line of vegan hair dyes that come straight from the 80s with their neon hues. What you might not know is that they have a pretty decent line of pigments for goths, punks, crusties, and other miss-legits.

Though they have plenty of affordable almost-black lipsticks to choose from, I'm personally partial to one particular shade: After Midnight. Seriously, it's just gorgeous.

This midnight blue lipstick shade is futuristic, and works wonderfully with dark skin tones, as well as pale, cool hues, too. Best of all, it's reasonably priced, so it's a nice little treat for your inner rebel.

Stone Fox by NYX

If there's one thing that's been gaining popularity among the ultra-hip crowd, it's grey lipstick. Grey hues are edgy, mysterious, and downright spellbinding.

Of course, the problem with a lot of people who want to try grey shades is the fact that they are just a bit too wild for most. If you aren't sure where to begin, try one of the almost-black lipsticks from NYX.

Stone Fox is a deep, deep shade of grey that is perfect for people who want to give a concrete look a try. Since it's pure grey, it's universally flattering, and it's also great experimenter shade because of the fact that it's one of the best lipsticks under $10 that people actually swear by.

Black Honey by Clinique

Clinique made a perfect shade for people who love dark brown lip colors, and yes, it looks as sweet as the name suggests. Black Honey is a deep brown-ochre that looks incredible on just about any skin tone.

The golden undertones of this shade are perfect for reducing the "yellow" look of teeth while still highlighting your skin's natural shade. It dresses up, dresses down, and just looks amazing in any situation.

More importantly, it's made from Clinique—one of the most trusted makeup brands in department stores, so you know you are getting a quality product. What's not to love?

Black Truffle by BITE Beauty

Are you looking for almost-black lipsticks that kick the drama up a notch? Then you're going to love what BITE Beauty has to offer. The upscale makeup house has become pretty well known for their highly pigmented, luxurious matte lipsticks.

This purple, crayon-style, super dark lipstick works beautifully for anyone who is looking for a distinctly stately shade that looks edgy yet work-appropriate at the same time.

Bete Noire by Lipstick Queen

The trend these days definitely emphasizes bold, full coverage when it comes to lipsticks. It's a thing! But, let's be real, not all of us can really wing that fully blacked out look.

If you're timid about unleashing your inner goth, you may want to check out the Possessed Sheer line from Lipstick Queen. I especially suggest the Bete Noire shade.

These almost-black lipsticks go on super sheer, and give you a nice blackberry hue to your lips. Add more for a deeper shade, or just stick with a sheer cover. You can't lose.

Nancy by NARS

You remember Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, right? So does NARS, which is why they decided to pay homage to the punk rock groupie with one of the most edgy almost-black lipsticks out there.

This violently violet hue has a lot of spunk, and will look incredible on you. Just, you know, don't die over it.

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10 Almost-Black Lipsticks That Look Amazingly Good
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