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10 Amazing Beauty Gifts for the Girl Who Has It All

Have a friend who loves beauty and glamour? These must-have beauty gifts will make her (or you) smile!

Everyone loves getting something super nice for the holidays, don't they? If you have a person who loves self-care, then you definitely have a lot of different options to consider when shopping for that extra-nice little present for their holiday season.

Right now is the best time of year to splurge on some new skincare and beauty items. Why? Because this is the time that the beauty industry rolls out with the best products of the year!

We took a close look at the best picks of the season to help you shop. From the FOREO Luna fofo to Huda Beauty's Desert Dusk Palette, there are just some gifts that will make your best friend look more glamorous than ever before.

Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty

Even if you're the girl who has every hot palette imaginable, you can never have too much eyeshadow. Huda Beauty created a very elegant palette featuring 18 different shades, meant to add an exotic, ultra-flattering twist to any look you want to create.

Huda's recent palettes have been getting experimental when it comes to texture—and that's precisely what will make you (and your friends) fall in love with this palette. From glitters and shimmers to mattes and pearls, you'll find the perfect combination of colors for your needs these days.

LUNA fofo by FOREO

With all the makeup and goodies we get to place on our faces, nothing is quite as important to our skin's health like getting a facial cleansing tool that helps keep moisture in and actually encourages people to keep an eye on skincare.

FOREO's LUNA fofo is the very first skincare tool that's designed to turn your skincare routine into a science. The sensors on the LUNA fofo read your skin's moisture levels and then create a customized skincare routine for you to follow.

Even if you aren't big on makeup, great skincare is a must, and a user's account from using the fofo absolutely changed how she saw her skin. This adorable little tool will help you look younger and keep your skin silky smooth.

Holiday Ornament Gift Set by L'Occitane

France-based L'Occitane is one of the leading names in world-class lotions and bath products. Though all of their goodies are amazing, it's their fast-absorbing nail and hand lotions that really steal the show.

This adorable gift set comes with their trademark lotion, hand cream, and shower gel in their mesmerizing Cherry Blossom scent. Your friend will love how feminine and floral they'll smell and how soft their skin will be.

Fresh Couture Gift Set by Moschino

Fresh is one of Moschino's top fragrances, and became famous for its chic, pop-art look. As the name suggests, this fragrance is incredibly light, and helps you smell fresh, hip, and downright awesome.

Though Moschino might be a high fashion name, their Fresh Couture gift sets are surprisingly affordable. The fragrance itself works with an amazingly wide range of different people. How can you possibly hate that?


Do you love the idea of having a customized spa facial that works precisely with your complexion? Of course you do. Unfortunately, today's speedy society really doesn't mesh well with hour-long facials at a local spa—nor does most peoples' budgets.

The UFO by FOREO is a specialty mask system that tailors the way your mask is absorbed into the skin. Every FOREO UFO mask takes only 90 seconds to do, uses heat differences and light to maximize its benefits, and feels amazing on your face.

Good skin doesn't need to take a lot of effort to obtain. If you're looking to get skin that's out of this world, faster than the speed of light, give the FOREO UFO a try.

Diamond Crushers Holiday Cracker Box by Lime Crime

Nothing is quite as glamorous as having lips that look like they have crushed up diamonds on them. That's exactly what the Diamond Crushers line is all about. These are lip toppers that give your lips an iridescent, glitzy appearance.

If you're looking for a great beauty gift that adds an extra pop of color to a typical lip look, then this holiday-themed cracker is a great pick. It comes with three of the most popular lip toppers that Lime Crime created.

Eye Shadow Set by stila

One of the most popular new trends to try involves using liquid eyeshadows that have ultra-high shimmer textures on top of regular matte colors—or just a casual sweep of shimmer over your lids.

This eyeshadow set from stila is one of the best collection of shimmer shadows on the market, not to mention one of the most coveted. They carry over from day to night, and also look amazing on virtually every skin tone.

The Littles Kit by Drunk Elephant

Nothing quite says, "Looking good!" like having a skincare routine with top quality products. Drunk Elephant is a new indie skincare company that's gotten accolades for their products, especially when it comes to their toners, lotions, and suncare products.

The Littles Kit is one of the best kits on the market for people who want to improve their overall skin quality while on the go. Each "little" is a travel-sized portion of their best skincare product, making this kit a perfect way to try this brand's wares out.

Winter Waterdrop Kit by belif

The winter season is always going to be rough, especially when it comes to your skin's moisture. Cold weather dehydrates even the most resilient skin, which is why everyone should stock up on products that add a little extra dewiness to it.

The Winter Waterdrop Kit is all about moisturizing and protecting sensitive skin from the elements. It's small, can fit in your backpack with ease, and works absolute wonders in even the harshest conditions.

Brush Glitter GloPRO by BeautyBio

If you've been leafing through tabloids, you might have read about celebrities getting microneedling procedures at Hollywood's best spas. Truth be told, they're onto something. Microneedling regenerates skin, helps reduce scarring, and also improves collagen production.

This Brush Glitter GloPRO allows you to get the same spa treatment in the comfort of your home—no appointment necessary. If your friend loves spa treatments but hates the ride out there, they will love you for this.

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