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10 Best Makeup Tips for Round-Shaped Faces (Plus, Tutorials)

These makeup tips for round-shaped faces will transform your beauty routine for the better.

From concealer to contour, highlighting, and blush, each of these makeup tips for round-shaped faces will change your makeup game for the better. Transform the appearance of your shape, and stray away from makeup techniques that accentuate the roundness of your face. 

Learn to contour, bring light to the right sections of your face, and even learn to bake the best ways for your face shape. Because not everyone's facial structure is the same, so not everyone's makeup routine should be the same!

Don't over conceal.

There are a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube that teach you to load up on concealer, but they aren't thinking of the people with rounded faces. Too much concealer will produce a much wider-looking face.

The lighter the concealer, the brighter the look, and wherever you put this concealer, this will become the focal point of your look, so be careful!

A great way to apply concealer to avoid this problem is to only apply it starting at the corner of the eye, and a quick swipe down. This should be done after your foundation has already been applied. 

This way, you can take your beauty blender to blend the product out in an angled motion, highlighting the triangle under your eye, but not going overboard. You should never allow the concealer to get too far down the under the eye, and onto the top of the cheek. 

As one of the best makeup tips for round-shaped faces, concealer is your friend, if you apply it correctly!

Keep the light in the center of the face, going up, and straight.

One final tip about concealer. You can also add a few drops of concealer to the middle of your forehead, chin, center of your nose, and your cupid's bow. This is not to bring attention to these places, but rather to create a more harmonious look, keeping the high points of the face a bit lighter than the rest. 

As one of the best makeup tips for round-shaped faces, this process will make a huge difference in the shape of your face. To apply these drops and stripes, you will do so in a straight and upward motion. 

This will ensure the color is distributed in the same manor, keeping the light in the center of the face, and narrowing the appearance of your face's shape. 

When considering concealers, we swear by Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer

Cream contour first!

Cream contour might be scary to some, but there's nothing to worry about. As a beginner's hack, you can apply the cream contour straight onto the brush first, which will make it easier to control and blend. This brush should be angled, this way you can easily follow the line of your cheekbones and jaw.  

Your contour shade should be an ashy tone, compared to the warm tones we will later use to bronze up the skin. This way you can define the cheekbones, without wasting your time with a shade that will blend into the bronzer. 

Start at the top of the ear and angle down to get the best line in your cheekbones. Also, contour up the side of the forehead and temples, and lightly on top the forehead. You want to elongate the face, so contour shouldn't be heavy on the forehead (unless you've got a fivehead you want to disguise.) 

Next, we are going to shape and contour the jawline. Start on the chin, and bring the contour up the jawline, which will mimic a more sharp jaw. Just be sure to blend it out, of course. 

Go in with a second contour shade.

As one of the most underrated makeup tips for round-shaped faces, adding one last contour shade to complete the chiseled look is crucial to slimming the face. Though it is important to have a light hand with this product, a second, and darker contour shade will add that extra definition that will take your look to the next level. 

We suggest purchasing two contour shades from the same line, such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which has multiple shades for contour. For the base contour, use the shade that best matches your skin tone, and for this step, use the next darkest shade to get right into the hollows of the face. 

You can even take the extra product, and add it to the underside of your bottom lip to give it some extra definition. 

Next, conceal the underside of your contour.

You thought we were done with concealing, didn't you? We promise this is the last liquid or cream product you will apply to your face during the rest of this routine. But adding a bit of concealer to the underside of your contour will create a huge difference. A tiny bit of product, and a few seconds of blending, this trick is well worth the extra step. 

A great tip to help blend this concealer out is to use the same brush or beauty sponge you used to apply your foundation to do this. The extra product on the tool will allow the concealer to blend into the foundation seamlessly, and keep a strong line of contour present, without being too harsh.


Now, for the powder products. In order to set your beautiful contour, you're going to need a great loose-setting powder. But before we do this, the first step is to set your concealer with a light or banana powder, to really lock the high points of the face in place. 

Then, you are going to bake. Not a cake, unfortunately, but your face. A technique that has been around for a while now, baking with powder is simply done by applying a generous amount of loose powder to your face, and allowing it to sit on the skin for a few minutes. This will really lock your foundation into place, and allow it to stay looking great all day long. 

But where is the right place to bake? The easy way to find this is to apply powder to the places that you highlighted, especially below the contour line. As one of the best makeup tips for round-shaped faces, this will define your look to another level, and allow you to have flawless and poreless skin. 

Bronze, bronze, bronze.

To apply your bronzer, you want to do so in circular motions, and with a light hand. Though bronzer is important to maintaining a slimmer looking face, you shouldn't go overboard with it.

Focus on the areas of your cheekbones on an angle, and a bit on the forehead and under the jawline in order to keep the balance flowing throughout the face. Wherever you contoured, you're going to want to follow it up with your bronzer, just in a broader area. 

If you feel as if you missed the mark a bit, you can always bake a tiny bit to change this, or switch your order from baking then bronzing to bronzing then baking. 

We suggest the Milani Baked Solei Bronzer. It has a nice warm tone without being orange, and adds a bit of extra glow to the bronzer, without being glittery. 

Apply blush between the contour and where you will highlight.

Using a tapered brush, sweep your blush across the same angle that you applied your bronzer. This way, your face will appear slimmer, and less round. If you apply the blush to the apples of your cheek, your cheeks will appear much rounder and full, something you will likely want to avoid, since you already have plush cheeks as it is. 

A tapered brush is perfect for this method because it will not apply too much product, and will avoid blending into the contour and the area you will want to place your highlight. As one of the best makeup tips for round-shaped faces, don't underestimate the power that blush has. It brings the whole look together, adds some color to your face, and narrows your face more than you think. 

Now, the fun part, highlight. Be sure it's directly on the cheek bone, and on an angle.

There is no real highlight trick that will help make your face appear slimmer, but it will always complete a look. Highlighter is the perfect way to draw more attention to your cheekbones, and bring light to the face. 

Using a fan brush, apply your favorite highlighter to the tops of your cheek, just above where you applied your blush. Applying your blush this way also makes it easier for your contour, blush, and highlight to blend seamlessly together. 

Now that you've applied your highlight, your face makeup is complete! We suggest trying out Jaclyn Hill's Becca collaboration, Champagne Pop for a great golden highlight. 

Make your eyes pop, and add a gloss to finish up.

To finish off our list of the best makeup tips for round-shaped faces, we had to mention two tips that have nothing to do with the skin. First, is that making your eyes the focal point to your makeup look will draw all of the attention to them, rather than your cheeks or the shape of your face. 

So now that you have chiseled out your face, you can focus on the eyes. It doesn't take a lot to create a look that will make your eyes pop. Just discover the colors that allow your eye color to come through. If you have blue eyes, you will want to stick to warm tones like brown, burnt orange, and dark reds. 

And to complete the look for good, just add a gloss! You would be surprised how much lipgloss will do to bring your look together, without bringing too much attention to your lips, and without making the look dramatic. 

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10 Best Makeup Tips for Round-Shaped Faces (Plus, Tutorials)
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