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10 Dangerous Makeup Hacks You Should Never Try

These ten dangerous makeup hacks are ones that you should actively avoid, no matter how convincing those Instagram beauty gurus might be.

From the infamous Kylie Jenner Challenge to spraying your face with hairspray as a makeshift setting spray, the most dangerous makeup hacks might be tempting to try out, but we suggest you stay far away from them. 

Unless you're looking to clog your pores or drastically irritate your skin, these hacks will not benefit your beauty or skin care routine in the least. So instead of trying new questionable trends, stick to what you know works for your routine best; it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Setting Your Makeup with Hairspray

To begin our list of the most dangerous makeup hacks, we had to start with one of the most cringe-worthy, which is spraying your face with hairspray to set your makeup. This is the opposite of what you want to do to your skin when setting your makeup. 

Sprays that are meant to make your makeup last are typically filled with soothing ingredients, meant to boost your skin as well as preserve your makeup. Though hairspray might seem promising to keep your makeup on all day long, it will likely only irritate your skin, as it is filled with alcohol and lacquers. It will dry your skin out and most likely cause pimples, and irritation including red bumps. 

Using deodorant to prime your face.

This one makes a tiny bit of sense, but when you really think about it, it's one of the most dangerous makeup hacks that you should avoid. Putting deodorant on your face as a primer was first started because deodorant obviously prevents sweating. Acting as a mattifying primer, mostly used in the T-zone of your face where most people become greasy, some beauty gurus have reported using deodorant to prime away their oiliness. 

However, this is clearly not a good idea for many reasons. Number one being that your face is not an armpit. And the salts and fragrances that deodorant is filled with will irritate your skin drastically, especially with makeup on top of this layer. Plus, you are asking to clog your pores, as antiperspirants work by clogging your sweat glands. You're just asking for acne with this one. 

Safety Pin Pimple Popper

Yet another skin no-no, using a safety pin to pop your pimples is something that you are told to do in middle school by your unknowing friend who just received her first pimple. Please don't do this. The reality is that popping your pimples is never a good idea as it is, but we all know we're still going to do it every once in a while. 

So the most important reason why using a safety pin to do so is terrible is because it is completely unsterile, and you're stabbing your face with it! This is asking for skin irritation, and definitely scarring. Your skin is not meant to be intruded like this, especially with an unsterile "tool." You're just inviting bacteria to enter your skin during its most vulnerable time.  

Oreo Mascara

Maybe not one of the most popular dangerous makeup hacks on our list, but it is well worth the mention because of how unrealistic it is. To start off, using food of any kind as a DIY makeup tool is never a good idea, as you're just asking for irritation and skin issues, especially foods with tons of sugar. 

The trend was recommended by a beauty vlogger, and requires making your own DIY mascara, with you guessed it, Oreos. Though it would provide a dark black formula, this isn't what you want to put on your eyes. Plus, mascara isn't too expensive at the drug store. It's well worth the $5 instead of getting an eye infection. 

Elmer's Glue in Your DIY Facemask

Glue should not be anywhere near your makeup cosmetics. We've learned this the hard way when it had been discovered in fake Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks that were found to physically glue people's lips together, unknowing that glue was a main ingredient in the knock-off. 

With this being said, Elmer's glue might not be toxic, but it will certainly clog your pores drastically. So don't believe the videos you see mixing charcoal and glue together for a DIY mask, because it won't remove your blackheads, and it'll only cause you more acne and skin irritation. 

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Thankfully not as crazy of a trend as much as it was when it was first "invented," next on our list of the most dangerous makeup hacks is the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. For those of you who are unaware of this terrible challenge, the concept is simple, and stupid. 

Teenagers insert their lips into a shot glass and suck out the air, creating a suction, and hold the glass to their lips for a few seconds, some taking it further to about 30 seconds to a minute. And when they finally release their lips, they will emerge looking three times the size. However, doctors are warning those considering giving it a shot, to not. This is because it can leave your lips with soreness, bruises, and even torn skin. 

Sharpie Eyeliner

If you can't find your favorite eyeliner, maybe just do without it for the day, instead of resorting to your writing utensil cabinet. Using Sharpies on your skin is never a good idea, but near your eyes? That's not smart. 

And as one of the dumbest makeup hacks you can find online, it came from none other than the pop star, Taylor Swift. She told fans that when she's in a pinch, she'll use Sharpie as a liner. This is never a good idea because the fragrance alone will irritate your skin, your eyes, and cause them to burn. 

DIY Salt Scrubs

Next, on our list of the most dangerous makeup hacks are DIY salt scrubs. These can be pretty dangerous because your skin is not meant to be exfoliated with scratchy ingredients, that might often be suggested on Pinterest by people who are not dermatologists. 

And if you believe everything you see on the internet, you might just end up with red, irritated skin, that is more prone to breakouts because of the DIY scrub you slaved over making. There are plenty of affordable skincare scrubs that will work much better!

Vaseline to Grow Your Lashes

You have to be very careful about anything that you are putting near your eyes. And to cut to the chase, putting Vaseline on your lashes for growth is a myth. It doesn't help your growth at all, and will simply hydrate your lashes, making them appear longer at the time, but will not alter the length. 

But especially for those of you who have sensitive skin, Vaseline will likely irritate your eyes, and cause redness. 

Wasabi as a Spot Treatment

Last, but not least, on our list of the most dangerous makeup hacks is using wasabi, yes, wasabi, as a spot treatment on your skin. This is all thanks to an Instagram beauty guru, Farah Dhukai, when she featured a video of her performing the DIY hack. 

It even got millions of views, and the judgment of those viewers concerns me. Most people can't even eat wasabi, so what makes you think that your skin would want it? It can actually burn your skin! And it will do nothing but harm to your skin. 

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10 Dangerous Makeup Hacks You Should Never Try
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