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10 Epic Beauty Subscription Boxes

Want to glam up without running to Sephora? These beauty subscription boxes will keep you set for life.

There's nothing quite like receiving a subscription box in the mail. It's so fun knowing that you will get a nice bunch of handpicked items sent right to your mailbox. It's like getting a random birthday gift every single month!

When you become an adult and just get piles of bills in the mail, getting something fun is a much-needed reprieve.

The most popular subscription boxes to hit the market right now are beauty-oriented, and that makes finding an amazing box that's perfect for you easier than ever.

What's really amazing is how many of these boxes there are to choose from! After looking at all the better options currently on the market, I decided to put together my own personal list of the best beauty subscription boxes.

Benevolent Beauty Box

Of all the beauty subscription boxes there are on the market, it's impossible to be sure which ones are doing the right thing for their individual success, as opposed to doing the right thing from a moral standpoint. That's why I love Benevolent Beauty Boxes.

Featuring predominately cosmetic products (but also coming with a makeup bag full of goodies), you can rest assured that each item you receive each month is 100 percent cruelty-free. With the ability to customize the products you receive by filling in qualities about your appearance and giving you the option between different monthly plans you can afford, you not only control how you look and how much you pay, but how you help support better business practices.


Back when I was living at my mom's place, Birchbox was my go-to treat every month. As far as beauty subscription boxes go, it's really top of the line. Each box is about $10, comes with the newest brands to be featured in the Birchbox store, and also comes with a beautiful box. 

Back in the day, Birchbox had an amazing points system that kept me ordering. The points no longer reward boxers for feedback as much as they used to, but it's still a damn good box. 

By the way, they have a men's Birchbox too, if you're looking for an amazing gift for your guy.

Make up and The Tomboy

Tomboys have a bad reputation, and it's time to set the record straight. Yeah they don't mind getting dirty, yeah they don't mind playing rough, but guess what. Girls just want to have fun! And that means, the no makeup challenge should not be the standard for these women taking what they want from this world.

Enter, Make up and The Tomboy. With relatively cheap, themed boxes that contain an assortment of fun products for your hair, face, and lips, you'll look your best while you're out there kicking up dust.


This isn't just a "beauty box" per se. It's an overall Millennial lifestyle gift box that also happens to have some really nice beauty gifts. This box contains full-size products that are currently the talk of the town. The value is solid, subscribers share how they got over $290 worth of products for $49.99

I'm not going to lie; this box comes with a lot of perks—including FabFitFun TV, a go-anywhere workout system and tons of customization options. As far as quarterly boxes go, you really can't do better.

Feeling Fab

If you're tired of "mainstream" beauty subscription boxes, I don't blame you. There's only so much thrill you can get when everyone's unboxing the same thing, seeing the same brands, and getting the same goodies.

Feeling Fab is a monthly box that offers up bath treats, exercise aids, and other treats that are all about giving your body the beauty boost it needs. Trust me, you will be feeling fabulous after this box comes in the mail.


Do you have a hard time committing to a single perfume? I totally understand; it's a commitment that's hard to make. Scentbird is about getting you in touch with perfumes you'll love, all without the commitment of a full bottle.

This service currently boasts over 500 different fragrances in its catalog. You'll never run out of cool new scents to try. If that isn't reason enough to fall in love with this box, the price tag of $15 a pop is. If you want to try something different and change up your beauty routine, signing up for a beauty subscription box.

Play! by Sephora

Everyone's favorite makeup store has its own subscription box, and it's also one of the most affordable beauty boxes of its kind. With this box, people receive five of the most popular samples the store has to offer every month. 

The samples are premium level and can be anything from a new fragrance to nail polish, to a new skincare set. If you love Sephora, you'll want to Play!

Sephora has some great prices, it's one of the few monthly subscription boxes for $10 or less.


I'm going to be honest here for a second. Sometimes, I want to feel a little glam, and with some beauty subscription boxes that feature companies actively competing against luxury brands, that's a difficult thing to do. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across BeautyFIX.

Featuring deluxe samples of makeup and hair products, BeautyFix will allow you to feel on fleek, so fresh every single month. How's that for a rejuvenating boost?


FaceTory is a subscription box that is very niche, but so worth it. As you might know, Korean skincare is considered to be the best in the world. Getting a subscription box that's totally oriented toward it means your skin will thank you.

FaceTory's focal point is sending out amazing Korean face masks once a month. Each kit comes with a minimum of four facemasks that beauty experts in Korea love. What more can we say?

The Bath Benefit

Finally, if your skin's been feeling a bit dry or needs extra exfoliation, you may like the Bath Benefit box. This box offers up world-class bath products that pampers your skin and turns your bathing into a ritual. 

This box will leave your body feeling amazing—just like a trip to the spa. What's not to love? 

If you're on the fence, give one a monthly beauty subscription boxes a try. Many of them have very gentle cancellation policies if you don't fall in love immediately. It's fun to get a little treat in the mail every month with one of these!

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10 Epic Beauty Subscription Boxes
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