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10 Floral Fragrances for Women Who Love Roses

Floral fragrances are always in, especially when they make you smell like a rose.

Roses are not your normal flower. They are a symbol of romantic love, and are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. They also happen to be some of the most fragrant flowers to be found in stores around the world.

Ever since people sniffed their first rose, they wanted to smell like one. Floral fragrances have existed for thousands of years, and even though they've been around for millennia, they never get old. Besides, what would you rather smell like, some mixture of artificial aromas that don't smell like anything in particular or a beautiful flower?

Roses might be old fashioned as far as perfume sources go, but they are never out of style. Perfumers love playing around with rose-based scents, even today. These awesome fragrances, for example, are modern while still keeping it classic.

Red Roses Cologne by Jo Malone

Jo Malone's a designer who really, truly knows how to make a good eau de parfum (translating from French to "perfume"). Though this company rose to fame after changing the perfume scene by introducing fragrances with notes of basil, they definitely know how to kick it old school.

The new Red Roses Cologne is a romantic scent that's purely roses. It smells amazing, fresh, and like walking past a luxurious rose garden. If you're a single note purist, this one-key wonder will leave you in a trance.

Macaron Rose by Gourmand

Gourmand is a unique perfumer, primarily because of the approach they take with all their scents. They are a design house that produces perfumes that make you smell like desserts.

Recently, they've been making floral-gourmand fusion fragrances. One of the newer hits they've made is a Macaron Rose scent. This sugary perfume blends the coconut-y, sugary smell of macarons with rose.

If you love the idea of smelling like a dessert dipped in rosewater, this will make you smile. You can get this, along with several other hits, in their "Creme De La Creme" coffret (translating from French to "box") set. 

That said, these perfumes aren't EDP. I'm pretty sure each bottle is an eau de toilette (translating from French to "cologne"). Having bought this coffret, though, I'll tell you that they really stick for a while.

Bianca by Tocca

Tocca has long been known for their floral fragrances, as well as their love of adding rose into almost every bottle they create. If the lady in your life is a fan of rose scents, just about everything Tocca makes is sure to float her boat. Tocca's Bianca is a great date night fragrance that really kicks the floral scent game up a notch.

Along with noticeable layers of rose, Bianca offers up a gorgeous combination of white flowers like gardenia, orange blossom, and a subtle pop of citrus. It's a true "girly girl" scent that just can't be ignored.

The Gift by Jivago

This might be one of the more underground fragrances compared to brands like Tom Ford, but don't let that change what you think of it. This perfume kicks up the drama with a smattering of roses, musk, peach, and grassy herbs.

If there was ever a perfume that smelled like an illicit affair on Broadway, it's Jivago's The Gift. This makes most other floral scents look super innocent, just because of how sultry and smoky the smell is.

Rose by Prada

Prada is most commonly associated with luxury bags, belts, and shoes. Personally, I think that's a shame because their perfumes are truly amazing.

The "Prada Les Infusions" line is about bringing the luscious scents of a garden to your pulse points, and their Rose EDP reigns supreme in this scent. This scent is old school rose, minus the heavy, cloying sillage. Anyone who really wants to enjoy romantic perfumes will want to try this out.

Rose Quartz by Adorn

Adorn has become a favorite among Millennials and younger folks, and not just because of their tradition of adding real crystals into their perfume bottles, either. Their scents are striking, and so are their perfume bottles.

Rose Quartz isn't just rose. It's a rich blend of rosewater, musk, and a little bit of exotic lotus. This perfume is offered up as a traditional eau de parfum, as well as a really awesome hair oil-perfume hybrid. It's a great gift if you want to get her something beyond your typical bottle of perfume. If you feel bold enough to get her some makeup too, there are a lot of rose-toned eyeshadow palettes perfect for date night.

The Coveted Duchess Rose by Penhaligon's

If you're looking for a royally good perfume, you might want to check out Penhaligon's of London. This perfume house is one of the only to be advocated for by the British royal family, and the quality is truly fit for a king.

One of their most expensive floral fragrances is the Coveted Duchess Rose, and it's an incredibly unique blend. There's a little rose, a touch of English ivy, a little forest scent, and just a touch of unnamed florals. It's like walking through the gardens with the Queen herself.

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Balenciaga's designs have always been a little edgy, even in the haute couture sector. They really outdid themselves when it came to the Florabotanica fragrance, though.

This fragrance is meant to smell like a bouquet of flowers from an exotic corner of the world. Notes of wild rose play alongside white florals, vetiver, and lilac. It's a purely botanical, almost tropical vibe here—and definitely a one-of-a-kind choice.

Boys, getting her a special scent that she really likes makes this count as a unique Valentine's Day gift that will say more than roses; of course, it works for any other holiday, too. And if you're shopping for yourself... well, any day is a good day for a little gift just for you.

Vengeance Extreme by Juliette Has a Gun

Juliette Has a Gun is a rose lover's brand, literally. This brand initially was started as a way to get an entire line of perfumes that offer different takes on what rose can offer as far as ambiance. From there, creator Romano Ricci branched out into other fields. 

Vengeance Extreme is an eau de parfum that is meant to be as edgy as humanly possible, and it is. Though you can smell rose in this bottle, it's offset with icy oxides, vanilla, and patchouli. It's a fragrance that holds a gun to your head in the best way possible.

Amazing Grace Ballet Rose by Philosophy

The scent of this perfume was inspired by the serenity of pink roses; it's a gentle smell, just like the gentle color of pink roses. Roses that aren't burning red, but exist as an elegant, pale color instead.

Focusing back on the scent itself, it has a blend of rose, peony, lychee, with a hint of a wood scent. The lychee touch is my favorite since it's a lovely scent that doesn't get utilized all the time in perfume.

If you really want to spoil yourself, you can also get much-needed rose water. There's no harm in doubling up on that rose scent with both perfume and other beauty products! Floral fragrances work for every beauty product.

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10 Floral Fragrances for Women Who Love Roses
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