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10 Holographic Makeup Products You'll Love to Wear

Holographic makeup is in, and anyone can wear it beautifully. Here are the best picks of the genre, and why they extend beyond festival season.

Holographic makeup is everywhere, and it's easy to see why. It's a makeup trend that helps people look youthful, adds an ethereal glow to your face, and also looks amazing on camera. It's festival-friendly, and yes, it works with all skin types, too.

This type of makeup is all about iridescence and highlighting your best features. Anyone can wear it, and feel like a unicorn while doing so. Want to get in on the hype? Here are some of the best hologram products to try if you're new to the trend.

Holographic Stick by Milk Makeup

Milk does your body good with this cream highlighter stick that works as a face and body highlighter. It's natural enough for day to day wear, but can really pull together a clubwear look like no one else's business too.

We love the pink-hued stick's ability to act as rouge, eyeshadow, and blush. But, if you ask us, the blue highlighter is really where it's at!

Alchemist Holographic Palette by Kat Von D

Kat Von D was one of the very first brands to come out with a palette of holographic makeup—and if you ask us, it's still one of the best highlighter palettes of its kind.

Four different highlighting shades to choose from means you can do infinite things with your look. From using it as an eyeshadow to adding a little extra zazz to your outfit, this palette will help you get amazing results every time you walk outside.

Duochrome Lip Gloss by Syzygy

Syzygy is the scientific term for planets aligning in a row, and when this company started up, it's clear that they wanted results that were out of this world. Their take on the holographic look is nothing short of outstanding.

Swipe their lip gloss on, and it'll turn colors depending on where the light hits. We love their Chatoyant Stone hue, which changes from Gold to Turquoise!

Holographic Finishing Powder by NYX

NXY is one of the best drugstore brands out there, and truth be told, they're one of the bargain brands that are better than department store offerings in most cases. Their Finishing Powder is no exception to that rule.

This ultra-fine powder helps set your base makeup while also giving you a fairy-like glow that reflects perfectly on camera. It's also remarkably long-lasting.

Moondust Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

If you're looking for bolder holographic makeup with serious pigmentation, then you're going to enjoy using the Moondust Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay.

Unlike most holographic pigments, the Moondust palette adds that iridescent shimmer effect to seriously bold colors. There's a color or two in here for every look, and it'll prove to be one of the most versatile palettes in your home soon enough.

La Crème Mystical Effects Lipstick by Too Faced

Truth be told, Too Faced could probably be called the King of Holographic Makeup. Too Faced's Life's a Festival Collection has managed to sell out multiple times, simply because it's so popular and so incredibly high quality.

Though you'll have a hard time finding their lip glosses online, you can still find their Mystical Effects Lipstick fairly easily. This will give you a great shimmer that works well from day to night.

Holographic Strobe Stick by NYX

Speaking as someone who has one of these things, NYX really knocked it out of the park when they made this. This super-moisturizing strobing stick is designed to help people get a more dewy appearance that makes cheekbones pop like no one else's business.

A little brush is all you need to turn a regular look into something downright jaw-dropping. Its versatility, too, makes it one of the best festival must-haves you never knew you needed.

Duochrome Lip Gloss by Addictive Cosmetics

Duochrome and holographic makeup go hand in hand, especially if you love festival makeup that lasts for ages. This super-light lip gloss moisturizes lips without the greasy, slimy look that most people experience with holographic gear.

It's cruelty-free, waterproof, and stays on for ages. You can tuck it in your fanny pack with other music festival essentials with ease. What's not to love?

Disco Queen Highlighter Powder by Urban Decay

Urban Decay makes some seriously pigmented holographic makeup, but don't be afraid of looking too extreme. This purple-hued highlighter powder works as both an eyeshadow and a highlighter, but really, it's not as wild as it looks.

When it rests on your skin, this powder is a very light, translucent lavender hue. Go ahead and try it on your cheekbones. You'll look phenomenal!

Heavy Metal Glitter Liner by Urban Decay

When it comes to unleashing your inner unicorn, you can't get a more buzz-worthy look than holographic eyeliner. Finding a good glitter eyeliner, though, means wading through a sea of mediocre holographic makeup.

So far, the best glitter liner we've ever seen comes from Urban Decay. Their heavy metal series has that beautiful iridescent look, but also keeps things real with seriously long-lasting pigment.

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10 Holographic Makeup Products You'll Love to Wear
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