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10 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Turn back the clock without using Botox. Try makeup tricks that make you look younger instead.

People never seem to worry about aging until they notice that first wrinkle—and then, if you're like me, it turns into a total freakout. If you just saw your first grey hair, I totally understand why you're panicking. Don't worry though, it's totally normal.

That's easy to say though, right? Ever since I noticed my first fine lines develop, I've been stocking up on cash for Botox and the like. Luckily, this had led to the development of my most favorite hobbies these days; namely, researching makeup tricks that make you look younger.

If you're new to trying to turn back the clock and haven't quite gotten the amount of cash you need for Botox, give these epic tips and tricks a try. You'd be amazed at how well they work.

Use mascara, and don't be afraid of falsies, either.

Scientific studies showed that one of the features that is most closely tied to youth are eyelashes. Long, prominent eyelashes help people look anywhere from five to seven years younger on average.

One of the easiest makeup tricks that make you look younger is to simply apply mascara. Dark mascara that helps curl your lashes upwards, in particular, has been linked to a younger, more attractive appearance in women.

I've had a lot of success with the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. It makes eyes pop in ways most other brands don't, and for my skin tone, it's a surprisingly natural-looking treat.

Cover that inner corner of your eye.

Most people assume dark circles under your eyes are the real "youth killer" when it comes to facial features—but they're wrong. It's actually the inner corners or your eyes that tend to give away your age.

As we age, the inner corners of our eyes darken due to the thinning of skin in that region. On a subconscious level, we pick up on that when we look at a person's face.

If you want to look more well-rested and as much as five years younger, use a concealer stick that is a shade lighter than your regular skin tone to cover up the inner corners of your eye.

The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer from IT Cosmetics does a bang-up job of it, and also comes with some anti-aging compounds that help prevent other damage later on in life.

Keep coverage light.

I remember walking through the mall and seeing 80-year-old ladies who worked Nordstrom makeup counters with caked-on foundation. It's not a good look, even if you're not 80 years old.

Heavy coverage is really not necessary, and in many cases, will add years to your face. I mean, think about it. All that primer, liquid foundation, setting powder, all weighs down on your skin and can sink into creases. 

Luckily for you, there are alternatives to botox to get rid of frown lines. Using a light coverage foundation and keeping your makeup minimal will make most makeup tricks that make you look younger work better—not to mention save your wallet a decent amount of cash. 

Smashbox's hydrating foundation is amazing for older people who want a natural looking, light coverage foundation without the bulkiness.

Keep powder usage to a minimum.

Powder ages you, period. It looks caked on and tends to bring people back to a time when little old ladies would powder their noses until there was nothing left to see but powder. Besides, powder makes your skin look dry. 

Honestly, most powdered makeup should be left behind with your 20s. If you're worried about getting that heavy-aging matte look from your highlighter or blush, use a cream highlighter or blush stick instead. 

This product from Beauty for Real is a great way to get weightless coverage, a splash of color, and also avoid the pitfalls of regular powder blush that settles into wrinkles. It's a win-win.

Keep your blush sheer, flattering, and present.

Think about the older folks you see in retirement homes. They don't really blush much, do they? Younger people, though, often have a certain rosiness in their cheeks.

It therefore goes without saying that many makeup tricks that make you look young involve instilling that rosy glow in you. Blush is a great way to get this going!

A little bit of sheer creme blush, such as the one from e.l.f., is excellent for giving you a youthful glow without it being overbearing. Just add a dab to the apples of your cheeks when you need to.

Learn to love highlighter.

Speaking of the apples of your cheeks, did you ever notice how much youthful skin tends to have a certain luminosity to it around the cheekbone region? You can fake that by getting the right highlighter and strategically putting it around the right parts of your face.

A low-shimmer highlighter stick, such as the ones offered by NARS, is an excellent tool for this. Just apply highlighter around your cheekbones, the bottom of your nose, and cheeks to get an amazingly youthful look.

Line the inside of your lower lids with white eyeliner, then use darker eyeliner on the bottoms of your lids for a more wide-eyed look.

Remember that study that talked about the importance of mascara usage? That same study showed that people associate youth with having larger eyes overall. You're probably wondering what this has to do with white eyeliner, right?

White eyeliner applied at the waterline of your lower lids gives your eyes a more "open" look. Meanwhile, a darker liner color on the outside helps give your eye more definition, keeping it looking wide-eyed. 

Between the two, your eyes will look bigger and you'll get the doe-eyed look of a younger you! The White Mechanical Eye Pencil by NYX is amazing for this purpose, and also stays on for long periods of time.

If you notice your eyebrows fading away, use brow pencil to add definition.

Aging is a bit weird, isn't it? The older I got, the more I noticed my brows naturally taking on the shape of a single, fuzzy caterpillar that has made a home on my face—a la Frida Kahlo. Others, however, lose their eyebrows!

Having defined eyebrows that haven't evolved into a unibrow is a trademark sign of youthfulness and beauty. If you're starting to lose your brows and need to distract others from a complete inability to curl your lashes in order to look younger, lightly penciling your brows in can help you turn back the clock surprisingly well.

Try to stick to a natural lip color if you're going casual.

Did you ever notice how most women seem to get thinner lips as they age? It's actually fairly common to see, and in most cases, it's because the fatty parts of a woman's face will start to thin out after 30.

Most ladies try to work things out by getting darker and darker with their lips, but this is actually the worst thing you can do. Want to know the fuller lips secret? A better option would be to stick to a nude lipstick and add some lip plumper gloss to increase volume.

I personally find Buxom's Full-On Lip Cream line to be great for streamlining my anti-aging look, because it offers nice, nude hues while also giving you that tingly goodness known as plumper.

Remember that beauty comes from within—literally.

As good as it is to look for makeup tricks that make you look younger, there's only so much that all these lotions and potions can do. To get the most out of the tips I told you, you need to take care of the canvas you're painting!

The best course of action if you want flawless skin and a youthful visage is to take care of yourself every day. It's unavoidable, and it's just that simple.

If you want to keep your skin at its peak shape, get some vitamins into your diet that are designed to help you retain your youth and make sure you eat well. You are what you eat, you know.

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10 Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger
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