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10 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Larger

If you want to make your eyes look larger, it all boils down to the products and techniques you choose.

Right now, there's a massive beauty trend that's going on throughout Asia. It's a trend of making your eyes as large and as prominent as possible. It's part of a photo trend called "best face," and there's no sign of this trend letting up.

Many K-pop celebrities and Asian models are going so far as to get plastic surgery in order to give their faces the wide-eyed look that beauty fans are going for. This trend is now starting to catch on in America, and honestly, it's awesome.

With the extreme focus that people are giving eyes, it's no surprise that many makeup artists have started to focus on creating new tricks to help you make your eyes look bigger.

Want to know how to make your eyes look larger than ever? Check out tips from someone who loves amping up their eyes in every shot they take.

Treat your eyes well.

The best way to keep your eyes looking large and bright is to work with a good canvas. This means that you should keep good care of your eyes with the best eye creams for under eye bags. Use a de-puffing cream on them to reduce bags before you apply any makeup.

If you have dark circles, use coverup and extend the coverup below the bags before you blend it all in. Those dark circles have a weird way of making eyes look smaller—not to mention more tired.

Consider using circle lenses if you're going for an "anime eye" look.

This is the special effects makeup artist in me talking, but I personally love circle lenses. These are specialty contact lenses that are designed to make eyes look way bigger than they really are.

Though they haven't been cleared by the FDA, they have been generally assumed to be safe for use. I've used them in prescription form, and had no problem with them.

That being said, this is a little extreme for a day-to-day look. Unless you are going for SFX, you may want to skip this step.

Raise your brows.

Your brows frame your face, so if you want to make your eyes look larger, you will need to work with them. Well-defined brows can make all the difference, so it's time to grab a brow pencil!

It's important to keep your brows in good shape when you're making your eyes a focal feature. Above all, make a point of keeping your brows natural. Too much tweezing or too heavy a brow can wreck your look.

Use white eyeliner on your lower waterline to open up your eye more.

Did you think using black eyeliner would make your eyes look larger? Not necessarily. If you put black liner around your waterline, it will give your eyes a slightly more "closed off" look. Sure, it may add a little definition, but this isn't necessarily the best choice.

Lining your waterline with white eyeliner gives the illusion of a more open eye, which in turn, gives you a larger looking eye. It's a classic modeling trick that helps you look extra innocent, but it's not that only tip or trick to get perfect eyeliner.

Around the edges of your lids, apply dark liner.

Dark liner defines the eye, and if you put it around your eye's lines (not the waterlines, the regular lids), it will give you the definition you need. If you are skilled with liner, tightline your upper lid.

The thing most people don't realize about dark eyeliner is that less is really more. Too much eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller than they really are. Fine lines and a little shading will do wonders, though!

Add a little highlight to the inside corners of your eye.

Do you want to know how to look years younger and also make your eyes look larger? Add a little subtle highlighter to the inside corners of your eye. This brightens your overall look, and tends to help open up your eyes a little more.

A natural color works best with this methodology.

Stick to light or neutral shades, if you want to keep safe.

Though it is possible to make eyes appear larger with dark colors or bold hues, it's not very easy to do. Most of the time, you need a professional hand to get it right—and even then, it can backfire pretty spectacularly.

The easiest way to give your eyes a naturally large look is to stick to light or neutral shadows. It may not be the most overtly glamorous look, but it will give you the look you want.

By the way, contouring isn't just for cheekbones.

You remember how you learned how to contour like Kim Kardashian, just so you could make your cheekbones jut out? You can do the exact same beauty trick every girl should know to make your eyes pop.

Contouring your eyes is way easier than it looks. All you need to do is apply dark shades to the parts you want to add depth to, and lighter shades to the parts you want to have pop.

A good makeup palette, like Urban Decay's Naked, can give you all the shades you need in order to contour your eyes well. If you want an extra pop of color, the Naked Cherry Palette is not to be missed.

Don't flinch over falsies.

False eyelashes are one of the best tools that you can use to make your eyes look larger, and the best part is, they also make you look younger, too.

You don't need to go all out and get giant spiders to glue onto your eyes in order to get a good effect. Even some demi wispies, such as the ones above, can make a serious impact on your look.

Make curling mascara your best friend.

Your lashes are going to make a massive difference in how much larger your eyes look, and that's no joke. To get the most out of your lashes, invest in an eyelash curler and get mascara.

Or, if you want to cut down on time, get a mascara that curls your lashes for you. It'll make your eyes look larger in absolutely no time at all. Black mascara is the best pick here, so make sure you get the darkest shade you can find.

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Sasha Konikovo
Sasha Konikovo

Born in the Ukraine and currently a citizen of New York City, Sasha Konikovo has become obsessed with makeup, fashion, and anything that keeps her svelte figure looking sharp. She hopes to marry a billionaire and have a lifestyle like Paris Hilton soon enough.

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10 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Larger
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