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10 Seductive Oriental Fragrances for Date Night

Oriental fragrances are known for having a woodsy, exotic aroma that demands attention and gets people in the mood. These top picks will please and tease in the best way ever.

Do you love exotic fragrances that tell stories of alien places, wild romances, and seduction around every corner? If so, I'm willing to bet that you're a massive fan of Oriental fragrances—one of the most unique categories of perfume out there.

Florals are the most common perfumes on the market, primarily because flowers are the base of what every perfume was originally made from. Gourmands, another popular category, are based on the smells of foods we enjoy eating. Citrus scents are based of fruits like lemons and oranges.

And then there are Oriental fragrances.

Oriental perfumes are fragrances that are a mix between warm and sensual, most often incorporating elements like vanilla, musk, benzoin, and woodsy aromas into them. That warm, sultry profile makes most Oriental perfumes a perfect choice for date night, don't you think?

The thing about Oriental perfumes is that they are all pretty awesome. However, some are definitely more awesome than others. If you're looking for a sexy pick for your night on the town, give these treats on for a try.

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume currently rests as one of the most popular Oriental fragrances on the market. Angel is a modern perfume that has a spicy and crisp aroma, with just a little bit of fresh citrus in the mix.

To a point, Angel kind of acts like the modern standard of what a "fresh Oriental" is supposed to smell like. It's warm, yet at the same time fresh and feminine. Anyone who has given it a try will agree that it's a heavenly scent that's perfect for the girly girl in your life.

Sinner by Kat Von D

Kat Von D is pretty much the patron saint of alternative style fans, at least in the makeup world. Her makeup line is known for having excellent kohl liners, nightclub-ready highlighters, and totally glamorous lip shades that push the envelope in wonderful ways.

Sinner by Kat Von D is one of the tattoo guru's newest offerings, and it's phenomenal. Like other perfumes of the Oriental-floral category, Sinner brings out warm, spicy amber and blends it with sensual florals like vetiver and jasmine. The real twist here is the smoky musk that underlines it.

Sinner pairs with any of the cool makeup looks for date night you can think of, and smells sinful in the best way possible.

Lafayette Street by Bond No. 9

If you're looking for a very exotic twist on standard Oriental perfumes, you might want to avoid the typical "Oriental-floral" route that most major houses go with. That's why I adore perfumes that fit under both the Oriental and fougere umbrellas.

Fougere perfumes are scents that have strong notes of ferns and grasses. When they're paired with amber, the best way to describe the outcome is an herbal, incense-like scent. It's a seriously beautiful scent profile that is just as mysterious as it is elegant.

Lafayette by Bond No. 9 is a great example of how beautiful ferny Oriental perfumes can be. It's unisex, so if you're looking for something that is just offers you a slightly masculine, sophisticated vibe, this is it.

Rose of No Man's Land by Byredo

Some perfumes get people thinking of you in a mysterious, sexy manner. Others will kick your sensual appeal up a notch. Byredo's Rose of No Man's Land, on the other hand, just dials up your appeal to VA-VA-VOOM!

This perfume is heavily floral and a little spicy, but still keeps those Eastern accents that make it one of the most popular Oriental fragrances of its category.

The notes of papyrus and rose play together in a way that's exotically sexy—a lot like reading a forgotten romance novel in a hotel room in Egypt. If you love the smell of spiced roses, you'll fall in love with Byredo's best work yet.

Coco by Chanel

Chanel's Coco was created as a tribute to the woman who actually brought up the Chanel fashion house—and it was the very first perfume to be released after her death. Like Chanel herself, Coco is a trailblazer among scents.

You see, Coco is one of the few perfumes that can be categorized entirely as both a spicy fragrance and an Oriental fragrance, rather than a blend of the two. This is because Coco has very strong notes of spiced amber, all while adding notes of cloves, rose, and vanilla.

If a perfume could be called creamy, then Coco would be creamy. If you're trying to pull together a sophisticated-sultry vibe, you'll adore Coco by Chanel.

8 88 by Comme des Garcons

Believe it or not, streetwear labels have started to roll out with their own perfumes—and they're quite unique in their own profile, too! One of the newest fashion houses to offer Oriental fragrances alongside quality streetwear is Comme des Garcons.

Their 8 88 is a fairly unisex perfume that blends delicate geranium with spicy florals like saffron alongside pepperwood. Deep below, an amber base gives you that nice, warming, scent experience that characterizes Oriental perfumes.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Tom Ford definitely earned his place in the sun when it comes to perfumes, and not just because of White Patchouli. His knack for making amazing spicy Oriental fragrances became legendary when he developed Black Orchid.

Black Orchid has a very strong incense ambiance to it, with deeper notes of amber, flowers, and dark chocolate. If you're looking for a fragrance that tells a sordid story of a sensual night in or any other date where you don't have to spend lots of money, then you're going to find Black Orchid to be the match you've been hoping for.

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Oh, Guerlain. You bring elegance to everything you touch, don't you? The fashion house has a tendency of making everyone fall in love, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that some of that might have a little to do with their love of Oriental fragrances.

More specifically, it's their Oriental-floral blends that really grab peoples' attention on date night. L'Heur Bleue is a prime example of why people adore the noses in Guerlain's perfume chapter.

The top notes you'll notice are iris, orchid, and a pinch of tonka bean—all on top of rich amber and buttery neroli. It's a perfume that's guaranteed to make people weak in the knees.

Ange ou Demon by Givenchy

It's often said that the hottest thing a girl can be is a perfect blend of naughty and nice—and that's exactly what Givenchy channels in their ultra-sexy perfume, Ange ou Demon.

This fragrance has a unique duality to it that makes it an excellent choice for a night of seduction. It's pointedly sweet, with a heavy touch of both vanilla and saffron in it. Because it's so sweet and sensual, it's a perfect scent for people who want to add a little edginess to their vibe, if not at least date nights that are surprisingly sexy.

Oud and Bergamot by Jo Malone

Perhaps one of the newest Oriental fragrances to hit the market hails from the ultra-posh perfume house, Jo Malone. Though Jo Malone became known for using basil in her fragrances, she's still blazing trails with more exotic perfumes.

Oud and Bergamot is Oriental, pure and simple. It's warming bergamot offsets the almost-floral aroma of oud. People who love "heady" perfumes that offer a dramatic twist need to check this unisex scent, stat.

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