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10 Superfood Skincare Products

Did you know that olive oil can do wonders for your skin? These are the greatest superfood skincare products that can really make a difference to your skin!

We all know that eating healthy and superfoods can benefit our skin. It brings in hydration, the nutrients and vitamins that we need, and overall makes our skin look and feel amazing. So not only do many of us eat healthy for our overall health, but for our skin, too! This is certainly a way to constantly have great-looking skin. However, did you ever think about using any of these superfoods straight onto our skin? Since we're so focused on eating healthy foods, we completely look past at the idea of actually applying the foods right onto our skin. And believe it or not, it can even make a bigger impact on our skin, since we're putting the superfoods straight onto our skin. From avocados to green tea and coconut, there are skincare companies that came up with the brilliant idea of mixing in superfoods into their skincare products and create the ultimate skincare products.

Superfoods aren't used for just facial masks, but skincare companies infused them into cleansers and even moisturizers to give you the most hydrated skin ever. Especially for us who have dry skin, some of the superfood skincare products can help you with that. So, if you're really into superfoods, give any of these amazing superfood skincare products a try. I guarantee you'll never go back to your regular skincare products again. 

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado by Kiehl's

If you don't know this by now, Kiehl's is an amazing skincare brand that produces genuine and all-natural skincare products for any skin type. As for their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, you'll be surprised by what avocado can do for your undereyes. The dark circles under our eyes can be a total pain to fade away. Especially if you've tried out every eye cream on the market, you're probably thinking that nothing will be able to handle your dark circles.

But have you ever considered using avocados? No, not straight avocados under your eyes, but an eye cream that has avocados infused in the formula! Ideal for all skin types, this eye cream gently moisturizes your under-eye area generously and smoothes the skin out so your makeup won’t look caked under your eyes. With highly-effective ingredients like beta-carotene, shea butter, and of course, avocado oil, your undereyes will constantly stay hydrated, even while wearing makeup. In fact, this eye cream is top-rated by happy customers who tried it out. And avocados in general are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, so it’s only natural to include the superfood in the formula.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea by Mario Badescu

Now this is easily one of the best superfood skincare products you can get your hands on. To begin with, I personally use this and I will never, ever go back to any other facial spray again, simply because Mario Badescu incorporated top superfood ingredients into the formula. With all-natural aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea, this facial spray will always rejuvenate hydration and freshness back into your skin.

As it's perfect for any skin type, you can apply this facial spray as a toner, setting spray, or just spritz some onto your face when your face is feeling dry and dull. The vitamins and minerals from all three ingredients work wonders for your skin and the green tea provides a powerful antioxidant protection all throughout the day. Not to mention, the scent of this spray would make you want to apply it every hour— that's how delicious it smells!

Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream by The Body Shop

Did you know that seaweed is a fantastic superfood that can really impact your skin in the most positive way? Among the superfood skincare products you can buy right now, this gel cream by The Body Shop includes a seaweed oil as the highlight ingredient to hydrate your skin and balance out the oils, too. Since there are so many moisturizers and gel creams out there that usually leave your face looking oily, this gel cream not only fully hydrates your skin, but it won't leave a greasy film across your face. And for those who have combination skin, we're certainly looking for a product like this.

While it provides intense hydration, it’s also pretty lightweight, so you can wear this under your makeup and not look like a total grease pan. The cream also helps with any excess sebum you’re dealing with and leaves your face with a matte, shine-free complexion! But wait, the rich minerals in seaweed comes straight from the Roaring Water Bay in Ireland, too, so you know that The Body Shop only produces all-natural and genuine skincare products!

Coconut Melt Mini by Kopari

Coconut can do so much for your skin. Not only does it offer a lot of hydration to your skin, but it's chock-full of vitamins and minerals that also help balance out your skin's tone. Perfect for any skin type, if you need a moisturizer that offers straight hydration, never look past the great use of coconuts. Kopari mastered the use of coconuts in this one product and you can actually apply this on not only your face, but on your body, and even your hair! If your hair is feeling a bit dry and brittle, the Coconut Melt Mini has you covered. 

This multitasking organic coconut oil can help you with dryness, redness, dullness, and any uneven texture. In addition, it can help reduce eczema-prone skin and your worst dry skin, since this lavish oil is loaded with fatty acids that are designed to seal in moisture and lauric acid to fight any inflammation that occurring on your skin. 

Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier

Looking for a miracle face mask that features a ton of superfoods to give your face the magical glow that it needs? The Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier is certainly among the superfood skincare products that you need to try out now. There are many facial masks that include only one main ingredient and focuses on one problem that you're dealing with. Whether it's dry skin, acne, redness, etc., this facial mask actually targets all of those problems! 

For the most intensely hydrating treatment you can find on the market, this facial mask includes a ton of amazing ingredients. From sweet almond oil to plant-based squalane, licorice root, lemon fruit, honey, and even aloe vera, you can just tell how amazing this mask already sounds without even using it yet. And when you do use it, you’ll notice a drastic difference in your skin. It can even out your skin’s texture and tone, fully hydrate your skin, soothe agents, restore elasticity, brighten up your skin, and so much more. This is definitely a must-have skincare product in your collection and it’s also a great gift to give to someone who’s a skincare addict. I bet they won’t stop thanking you. 

Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day Cleanser by Foreo

I bet you never knew that yogurt is among the superfoods that can do wonders for your skin. Because it actually can! And Foreo created the absolute best skincare product with yogurt as its main ingredient to really make a difference to your skin. But who would use a yogurt-based cleanser to properly wash your face? This isn't any ordinary cleanser—the product completely transforms from a creamy yogurt consistency to a lush foam in an instant that can immediately wake you up in the mornings.

The cleanser freshens up your face all while revitalizes your skin, too. It includes ingredients like mandarin, bergamot, and apricot fruit extracts to purify and fully hydrate the skin. And all of these ingredients are all-natural and nothing artificial. In addition to that, the probiotics and vitamin C nourish and protect the skin. And after every use, your skin will look fresh, healthy, radiant, and feel amazing!

Pumpkin Sleeping Pack by Too Cool For School

Yes, pumpkin is certainly among the superfoods that's incorporated in a skincare product. And Too Cool For School nailed the great use of pumpkin in their Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. Among the all-time greatest superfood skincare products, this moisturizer and intensive overnight sleeping mask will shock you beyond your beliefs. And if you thought that pumpkin can't do anything for your skin... it can. Trust me. Since it's loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you bet pumpkin can make your face looking and feeling brand new.

And what better way to use pumpkin than in a overnight sleeping mask? If you’re dealing with any damaged, dull, dry skin, or all three, this skincare product can help you with all of that. Through just one use, it can boost hydration and radiance into your skin. Through its all-natural ingredients, the gel-type moisturizer is instantly absorbed into the skin and you’ll notice a drastic difference by the morning. Plus, the pumpkin fermentation extract is loaded with essential skin nutrients like vitamins A and C as well as beta-carotene. So you’ll always get better-looking skin whenever using this! 

Luminous Dewy Skin Night Concentrate by Tatcha

For a high-end product, Tatcha is all about natural ingredients. Since this skincare brand is praised for their organic ingredients in their formulas, this specific product consists of rich botanical extracts. Extracts like green tea, wild thyme, ginseng root, licorice root, sweet marjoram, and jujube fruit. You can simply summarize this night concentrate to be the ultimate superfood skincare product, because of the rich and organic ingredients it consists of.

If you want more glowing skin, this beauty sleep in a jar can easily rejuvenate the skin and bring back your youthful glow within just one night. While it’s powered by red algae from the mineral-rich water of Okinawa, it works best overnight to fully hydrate and plump your skin. Since it plumps the skin, this will get rid of any of your worst fine lines on your face—leaving a glowing and dewy texture and appearance by morning. It's no wonder this product is among the best superfood skincare products ever.

Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC

Yes, you can certainly use olive oil on your face, but not just any form of olive oil. DHC created an amazing oil cleanser that includes a form of olive oil in a more natural way of washing your face. Believe it or not, cleansing oils are pretty popular and comes with a ton of benefits. While they're mainly used to hydrate the skin, the oil in the product is used to break down any makeup residue that's left on the face.

This olive oil-based facial cleanser can immediately dissolve any form of makeup that’s on your face and leave your skin completely makeup-free—even waterproof makeup, too! And we know how stubborn waterproof makeup is. Ideal for getting rid of excess oil and sunscreen, it’s a great daily cleansing oil even if you don’t wear makeup at all. It hydrates, soothes, refreshing, and essentially balances out your skin tone. So many women swear by this product and they’ll tell you that just one use will make you fall in love.

Aloe Vera 93 Percent Soothing Gel by Skinfood

Lastly from the all-time greatest superfood skincare products you can buy on the market right now is this aloe vera-based soothing gel. In all seriousness, aloe vera gels are easily the best form of gel that immediately soothes the skin from any irritation. Whether you're dealing with damaged skin like acne or even a sunburn, aloe vera is the way to go, because it's chock-full of vitamins and nutrients that help calm the skin down and reduce inflammation.

The aloe vera leaf extract offers hydration and calming to fatigued, dry skin in any season of the year. From the cold, brittle winter to the hot, dry summer, this jumbo-sized moisturizer has you covered whenever you need your skin to settle down. Ideal for the face and even the body, it has antibacterial properties that give a cooling effect to your skin’s worst state. 

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