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10 Tips for Blow Drying Your Hair (According to Your Hair Type)

These best tips for blow drying your hair depending on the needs of your hair type will transform the texture and strength of your hair.

From curly to straight and damaged to super long, these are the best tips for blow drying your hair, no matter your hair type. We have got you covered no matter the difficulty of your hair. 

Believe it or not, it's not healthy to blow dry every last bit of moisture from your hair, and these tips will help you find the best routine to revive your hair and give it some volume without killing it. We can guarantee you'll never blow dry your hair the same again. 

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know the struggle of having to manage your mane. And blow drying is no exception to this struggle. Rather than just letting your hair air dry every night, you're going to want to dry it, but still maintain its volume and lift. 

First, you will squeeze the excess water from your hair, and apply your favorite curl-enhancer and heat protectant to your hair in a scrunching motion. Then, attach your diffuser to the end of the hair dryer to eliminate damage and lightly place your curls on the claw of the diffuser. Don't be afraid to put the diffuser claw close to the scalp, and lift the hair at the root to produce volume. 

The trick here is to only dry the hair about 80 percent, and allow the rest of the hair to try naturally. As one of the best tips for blowing drying your hair, this will allow you to maintain a moisturized and smooth texture. Simply scrunch your curls into the form you wish. 

Ethnic Hair

Blow-drying natural hair begins with the steps of shampooing, deep conditioning, and applying a leave-in conditioner. As one of the best tips for blow drying your hair, you should then apply a heat protectant to the hair, since you will be applying a lot of heat in a short amount of time. 

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle, and part the hair into four to six sections. On medium heat, your blow dryer should be held about six to eight inches away from your hair, and you will comb the hair through with your fingers until it is 8o percent dry. You will then apply your favorite hair serum, and brush through it once again with your paddle brush. To complete the treatment, you will spray oil sheen over the hair, and flat iron to smooth

Wavy Hair

To begin your process of blow drying your wavy hair, be sure to rinse your conditioner out with cool water to prevent frizziness. Once out of the shower, apply a curl enhancing product to your wet hair such as a mouse. However, you don't want anything that will produce a crunchy texture.

Then, you will apply your diffuser, and hold the blow dryer to the end of your hair, pushing them to the root at your head. This will reduce the amount of heat your hair is exposed to, and prevent frizz. And finally, hold your head upside down and side to side as you continue to blow dry. This will prevent your hair from getting heavy, and will help improve your waves. It will also add volume and lift. 

Straight Hair

What might seem like one of the easiest hair types to dry, those with straight hair can still use a few tips for blow drying your hair to get the best results. First, you need to prep with the right tools. This will include a wide-toothed comb, a round brush, heat protectant, and hair oil. Then, while you are washing your hair, consider trying out a straightening shampoo. 

Once out of the shower, you should blot the excess water from your hair, and comb it out with your wide-toothed comb. Next comes your heat protectant, and you're ready to dry. To begin, you should pin up the top layer of your hair, and grab your round brush. Choose a large section to brush and dry your hair simultaneously, facing both products down, and pulling the hair with your brush from the roots to the tips. Repeat this until dry, and start on your top section with the same method. 

Short Hair

Many people with short hair struggle to get their needed volume from simply blow drying. To get this body in your crown and roots, you should apply a blow dry agent first; this way you can get your product in right away. 

Then, though you might think you don't have to since you don't have a lot of hair, sectioning off your hair will allow you to add volume. Section this from the top of your head, and start with your bottom layers. Using a round brush, tugging upwards, then downwards from your root to tip will add a great natural looking body to your short hair. 

Long Hair

You might think that blow drying long hair would be one of the most difficult hair types to tackle, but that's not true. Simply due to the length, it will take a bit more time, but really, any of the above tips for blow drying your hair will apply to long hair, just with many a few more sections. 

Grab your round brush, thin comb, heat protectant, and diffuser, and you're all set. Section off your hair; this way you will be able to tackle each part of your hair, and take your time. We suggest drying your hair to about 80 percent dry, and letting the rest air dry. 

Thin Hair

Thin hair is an exception to our diffuser rule, and to start your drying, you should take this nozzle off, just be sure to apply your heat protectant generously.

This will add volume as well as texture to your thin hair. Once your hair is about 80 percent dry, you should add your styling products such as a volumizing mousse. And to complete, finish drying the hair with the diffuser back on, and your round brush in hand. 

Thick Hair

One of the best tips for blow drying your hair that is thick is to ignore any of the directions we have stated for thin or short hair. You've got the volume, you just want to eliminate the frizz, right? 

To start, you will towel dry the hair and apply your favorite products; we suggest a quick-dry spray. Then, with a diffuser, blow dry your hair in a downward motion with a boar bristle brush. You should do this in sections. And finally, apply a relaxing balm to get rid of unwanted frizz and excess volume.

Color Treated

Taking care of color treated hair starts with trying to stay away from over-washing it. So invest in some dry shampoo, and avoid water as much as you can. However, we know that you will eventually have to wash your hair, because that's gross if you don't. 

So when you do, you should rinse with cool water, and air dry as much as possible. If you have to tame your hair with a blow dryer, go overboard with the heat protectant, and carefully dry your hair with your diffuser until it is somewhat dry. 

Damaged Hair

As one of the most boring tips for blow drying your hair, when it comes to damaged hair, we suggest to stray away from blow drying altogether. The less you blow dry your hair, the better! And the less heat you put on your hair the better. If you have to resort to heat, layer on the heat protectant, use your diffuser, and hold the blow dryer as far from your head as possible. Also, take advantage of the cool setting on your blow dryer. 

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10 Tips for Blow Drying Your Hair (According to Your Hair Type)
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