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11 Eyeshadow Palettes and My Tift with Them

Part II: An Extremely Straightforward Opinion

Disclaimer: All information was gathered from @trendmood, an amazing Instagram account that makeup junkies need to follow, stat. Constructive criticism is not someone being negative and hateful. It comes from a positive place and intention in wanting someone to improve and better themselves. Because if I “hate” something, I’m not going to waste my time and energy talking about it (most of the times). So if you are sensitive to constructive criticism, you are welcome to leave. Watch my video on YT but this is better. Datum, I wrote Part I not even a week ago. Brands need to chill with this pumping out of MU.

Here are my critical first impressions looking at these palettes just online:

Alternative Rock I and II by The Balm Cosmetics—27.50USD each

Canadian Shipping: 15USD

Generally, The Balm Cosmetics is not my aesthetic. Objectively, I accept that it's an excellent design idea. It's just not something that appeals to me on a personal level. However, there are a few palette designs that I do love from them. At the end of the day, I did not order anything from them online because the shipping was not worth it, seeing that I wasn't in love with any particular palette.

Until this dropped. You see I was lucky to find their Balm Jovi palette for 16-17CAD at Marshals, and I picked it up. I love the package design on that one. But these would've been the exception where I most certainly would've picked up these palettes directly from their website. The reason being, I love, absolutely adore alternative rock music.

If you know anything about the 80s rock music scene, and onwards till present day actually. Then perhaps you will understand my extreme disappointment with the colour story. I don't mind the neutralness. But they made it warm. Like really?

Camel Palette by Natasha Denona—48USD

  • I honestly think this did not need to happen and is a selfishly profit oriented palette
  • It's only meant for ND loyalists and people who spend money like a river. Realistically, I just don't see the average minimalistic MU user dropping 48USD on a five-pan eyeshadow palette.
  • Her mini sunset palette or bigger 02 palette are essentially neutral palettes. It would've been better if she had only improved on the formula in the smaller one.
  • And seeing that she's even coming up with a bigger palette in September, this overall me thinks was unnecessary.

Goddess Glow by Estée Lauder—39USD

Canadian Shipping: Free at 75USD or dependent on specific order

  • Another run of the mill warm neutral palette
  • You're buying it for:
    • Packaging
    • Brand Loyalty
    • Palette Buying Addiction
  • Apart from the colour story, even the packaging is boring. Like a Goddess needs more oomph factor, if that makes sense.
  • Ulta exclusive on 29th August

Jaclyn Hill Vault by Morphe—15USD each

Canadian Shipping: Free on min 60CAD or 7.95 CAD

  • Honestly, I am digging each and every single palette. And I want to pick one up, undecided which one.
  • But after the whole drama, I'm going to wait on it for a while. I'll pick it up if I remember about it later on.
  • Each and every single one of them has a fall vibe to me. So pretty impressed on that score.
  • Never tried a Morphe palette yet, but my gut tells me the quality will be good. 

Kyra Palette by Bella Thorne/Filthy Fang—60USD

Canadian Shipping: 18USD

  • Looks extremely cheap for the price
  • Seems more like an attempt at making that coin rather than a passion for makeup
  • The package design is lazy and underwhelming
  • Not a fan of Bella Thorne because her shows are not something I have ever watched
  • Yes I am too old for her brand

Find it here.

Mothership Volume 5 by Pat McGrath—125USD

  • Her shimmers are great, mattes are good but not the best for me. While I realize this will not be true for each and every single ES palette. But girl at that price point? There's no excuse, and I'm not willing to risk it.
  • Looking at that gorgeous sleeve, I'm now so over her sleek clean black packaging. It was nice the first time around. But onto the fifth palette? No thank you.
  • I hate it, when brands have names for the shadows but it's not underneath the shadow itself. So over it.
  • Too uninspired to look up the drop dates. But Sephora will let you know as soon as it hits them. 

Oh Honey x Trixie Mattel by Sugarpill—52USD (including a lip product)

Canadian Shipping: 12USD

I have always been intrigued by Sugarpill. I love their anime-esque packaging style. But I do think that (for me) them being an online only brand, the price of their palette is not justified (and that’s excluding the shipping). Though, I do appreciate that they have a customizable palette on their menu. I also loved the design of their twin collection (which dropped on beautylish) but the colourstory did not impress me. Having said all of that, SP is on my wish list in the distant future. But this palette is just not my speed because:

  1. I have enough neutral palettes
  2. Blushes are useless to me
  3. Not into drag races for entertainment purposes aka IDK who Trixie Mattel is

Rose Gold Palette by Jouer Cosmetics—40USD

I want this. I know it’s a normal everyday palette. But the moment I saw this I fell in love with it. It’s the packaging, I know. I shall be picking it up at Sephora/Ulta and hopefully in the mean time some reviews will be up on YouTube. Hopefully, someone will cinch it for me whether it’s worth the coin or not. The palette is launching on the brands site earlier at end of August, and beginning of September for other retailers.

Safari 15 Pan by Natasha Denona—129USD

This is her birthday palette. It seems that the packaging is going to be similar to her tropic palette but in white (which I do low key dig granted if I am right). But her mattes are not what she’s known for, so I feel like she’s taking a (good) risk. Though, I call on it being another wearable palette, if it is, I’ll be annoyed. All the power to those who want it. Regardless, we still don’t know how it actually looks. #Fingercrossed #Excited

Sephora Pro Palettes—65USD each

One palette looks like an updated version of Born To Run by UD. The other two look boring to me. I am not into their packaging, size, and price point. So bye. And generally, not into the quality of their shadows either.

Ultra Violet Covershot by Smashbox—29USD

I want this for the colour story but having had two of their cover shot palettes where the quality sucked makes me extremely hesitant. Plus if the packaging and B&W as it seem for a purple palette, that will annoy me to no end.

IG: heeta.joshi

Au Revoir Mon Ami


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11 Eyeshadow Palettes and My Tift with Them
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