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11 New Eyeshadow Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 7)

Part VII

Disclaimer: Bleh. 

1. Cherry Blossom Palette by KKW Beauty

Buy here.

One, I don’t see any popping cherry blossom shades in there. Two, what’s with the non-pinkish or non-whitish packaging? Three, not for me and that sucks because cherry blossoms are so my aesthetic. 

2. Scandal Eyeshadow Palette by NARS

Going by the picture and the order of names, I am assuming this is the blue one. Very intrigued by this one. I lowkey want this. Though, I am disappointed that the outer packaging seems exactly the same as their wearable one in the collection. 

3. Provocateur Eyeshadow Palette by NARS

Hence this would be the wearable one. Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t buy a wearable palette by NARS.

4. Magic Hour by Ohii Beauty / Urban Outfitters

Buy here.

There’s only one intriguing shadow, and it’s that lime greenish shadow called peridot. And it irks me when your shop page gallery does not show the front or the packaging of the palette. Plus, I do think, for what it is, it is pricey. There’s nothing really wow about it. 

5. Treasure by Ohii Beauty / Urban Outfitters

I tried so hard to find this on their shop page, but for the life of me, I could not find it. Regardless, looking at the Instagram pic, I only have one word: boring.

6. Hidden Gems Eyeshadow Palette by Laura Mercier

Buy here.

Another pop-of-blue-syndrome palette. Like, can we please stop with those now. And what gems? That blue looks nothing like a sapphire. And where are the rubies and the emeralds?

7. Violet Electric Edition by Rimmel

I just recently tried Rimmel’s colour palette, and I was shooketh by its quality—really nice. If this becomes available here, I most definitely will be getting this. 

8. Ultra-violet by Bobbi Brown

Buy here.

Is this a joke? Someone please tell me it is. Sigh, so disappointing. 

9. Kylie Cosmetics and Jordyn Woods BFF Coolaboration Collection

Buy at: Still not out yet.

Cute sleeve. The actual packaging is nothing special. The colour story is a better version of KKW and Mario palette. But that’s about it.

10. Grande Pro Volume II by Viseart

Buy at: Still not available

Even if I like that the colour story, the price seriously turns me off. I could potentially buy a Natasha Denona palette, most definitely a Pat McGrath palette. But Viseart just does not do it for me enough to spend that kind of coin. Apart from that, I dislike the organization of the colours.

11. Premier Eyeshadow Palette by Zoeva

Buy at: Still not available.

I feel like the 1920s is always a good theme for a neutral palette. But the colour story itself is not innovative—neither is the theme, if you think about it. This would have been a blast when warm palettes came into existence. Even perhaps when soft glam came out. To me, this just does not seem to go hand in hand with the holiday season (unlike Gingerbread by Too Faced).

Thanks for reading!


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11 New Eyeshadow Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 7)
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