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11 Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 6)

Part VI

Disclaimer: At this point everyone should know that a polite sensible opinion is not being hateful. 

Sources: Trendmood, Indie Makeup Spotlight, and Brands’ Websites 

1. Infra-Red Eyeshadow Palette by Bobbi Brown

One, there are two red shadows in an eight shadow palette. You call that infra-red? If you say so. The packaging looks pink, unless it’s that lightening fad again that makes it look different. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt there. I like the 39 USD price tag though, comparatively to how much their palettes usually are. But again, that does not sound very legit. If it is, I might pick it up. 

2. Pumpkin Spice by Makeup Geek

One, you keep playing yourself girl. Two, you have been accused of not getting on to the trend wagon. Three, Pumpkin Spice was so two years ago. Four, perhaps a pop of red might have saved you. Next!

3. Singles and Magnetic Palette by Kylie Jenner

Not really a singles person. But I do like having a magnetic palette for when I depot my palettes in their moment of demise/declutter. And for the size and the brand, $24 is not bad. And I am leaning towards picking it up, but the quality is my concern. 

4. Colour Obsession Palette by B’ellegant

The only reason I would risk buying from a new to me e-commerce brand is if the price point or the packaging has the oomph factor. The packaging is plain, so why would I risk 45 USD (this is excluding shipping) for something that’s not appealing when I can easily pick up a high end palette for that much. In terms of the colour story. I love a colourful palette, which I don’t have many of anyways. But the inside being nice does not justify the outside not being equally nice, at such a high price point. 

5. Munaza by Blush Tribe

Buy at: Still not out yet.

What I find odd is that this is coming in Spring 2019. I don’t know when Spring in UK is, but for us it’s March. Aprroximately six months away. I hope you get my point. Now for the palette itself. I love it. However, I was underwhelmed by my first purchase of the Malika palette by them. So honestly, I don’t know if I’ll pick this up. 

6. Street Art Palette by Ruby May Cosmetics

I love the palette. Unfortunately, white packaging and I don’t mix. But if that pigment picture is anything to go by? Holy smokes! It’s the perfect rainbow palette and plus some deepening shadows. Love it! 

7. Royalty Palette by Glam Lite

Meh! So over the colour story. So over the royal theme. Plus, the other royal themed palettes are so much nicer to look at. Opulence by Zoeva, Queen of Hearts by Coloured Raine, Dynasty by Certifeye, so on and so forth. 

8. Autumn Equinox by Makeup Slayve

Buy at: Still not out yet.

As I said, white packaging and me are not the best partners. But this one! It has a maple leaf. I am Canadian, and my flag has a maple leaf. Fall (a.k.a. autumn) is my favourite time of the year. I guess I can be a simple person at times. 

9. Secret Garden Palette by Saucebox Cosmetics

In pieces it’s a cute palette, but together it’s an incohesive mess. It’s called the “Secret Garden,” however, I see nothing garden-like in both the colour story or the packaging. The colour story is nice, but it still feels like the pop of colour trend that’s going on now. The packaging is, simply put, lazy to me. It’s not at all unique enough for me from their other palettes. Same woman, different background colour. Fine, if you were charging half the price, but at 45 USD, where is the effort? I see none. 

10. Sephora Collection x Museum of Icecream Collaboration Eyeshadow Palette

Buy at: Still not out yet.

I do think that the colour story is cute. I am sure that the packaging will ever quite cute. I really do like this one. Though, I am not too sure about paying $42 USD for a Sephora palette though, that seems like a palette that’s relatively on the small side. 

11. Fall Edit by Colourpop

Buy at: Still not out yet.

Animal print and fall really doesn't make sense to me. Do they have a relation? I believe not, but I could be wrong. But cute packaging.

Thank you for your time!


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11 Palettes and My Tiff with Them (Pt. 6)
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