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11 Ways to Say "No" to Makeup

How to Anti-Haul!

Disclaimer: You burn your money however you want to boo. This is for those people who know they live on a budget, but still cannot help themselves, or those who want to be wise and conscious customers (notwithstanding that they can afford it) who do not want to burden the environment with waste. I do not take responsibility for your hurt sentiments, except to say it is unintentional. Being sensitive about materialism (unless given by a loved one) is completely illogical and beneath us.

Here are the ways a self-admitted, shopaholic, anti-hauls. I’m gearing this towards makeup but it is applicable to almost everything we human beings buy (and waste, collect, hoard etc.)


Makeup is not a necessity required for survival (those things are air, water, food, clothes, and shelter).


Do I already have a similar product at home? I do not need another neutral palette after the three I already have. I most definitely do not need another ABH velvet after the two I already have. As a collector, perhaps it is time to experience something new.

Rule 3: Am I in DEBT?

Yes, that $50 is a pretty chunk in my monthly student repayments. I'd rather be debt free even if it means going without a luxury eyeshadow palette, because better things are bound to crop up. 


I told people who I know I’m only buying three to five palettes a year, and that makes a huge difference. No ones wants to come across as a liar in front of other people. But give yourself a range rather than an exact number, so it doesn’t feel as stressful. This year I’ve already bought three palettes (but one was free, so I am not going to count that one). But all together I’ve spent $48.60 CAD from January to date.


How much is it? How much is the product? Am I going to pay $10 shipping for that one product that’s only $12. Or am I going to go all the way up and spend more to “save” on shipping. This is my favourite, because it’s the deal breaker for me. I know that anything more than $10 USD shipping or $50 USD free ship, especially for high-end businesses is a bloody rip off. Okay, you’re a small business? Well we’ll meet once you get bigger. Wait! Wait! Wait! Maybe get a friend to split it with you. Win-Win!

Rule 6: SPACE!

Do I even have the room for it? Take clothes for instance. I literally visualize my closet and remember how full it is before I splurge and it helps. Same thing with food (pantry), books (shelves), drinks (fridge), makeup (makeup desk). If I do not have the space for it, than I am not meant to have it.

Rule 7: HEALTH

Financial health is one thing. A messier space makes room for messier things to hide in house (bugs, rats). Also it adds to pollution and landfills. Just as we are all about anti animal-cruelty, bring that mindset for the environment too. A minimalist life-style when done right, is the healthiest way to live. 

Rule 8: EXPIRY!

How much have I thrown away because of expiration vs. used up (panning). Happens to me a lot with bread, and I’m trying to stop.


I'd rather be without that expensive (rip-off/recycled—similar, but not the same) palette and have even just one child in the world, not go hungry. For example, I donate $10 when I can, which stops me from eating out. Win-Win.


Turn of that social media. If it’s inconvenient to do that, don’t pay attention to social media on a daily basis. Go read a book. Go watch that show or movie you really wanted to, but can’t because you just don’t seem to have time. Make time!


It’s so easy to forget this over excitement about a new release. But take some time to reflect on whether the product is actually worth the money or not. Not whether you can afford it or not. Whether it truly is a new innovative and unique product to begin with. Whether you have enough time to even use it up justifiably before expiration among all the other things you have?


Read my other makeup related posts to see where I am coming from. When it comes to beauty reviews, I prefer a both pro and con review over just a positive or negative review. The reasons I wrote this is ABH’s Norvina palette. At first glance, I see no innovation except lilac velvet and two “pops” of purple shades in a generally neutral palette. And yet (forget the big Youtubers), even the smaller ones are raving about it’s uniqueness. TBH I would have picked it up, if I already didn’t own two palettes from the brand. But still a little honesty, that most of the shades are recycled from or similar to the previous four velvet palettes is not too much to ask, is it? Only few reviewers barely gloss over it. I understand and get that neutral palettes inspire you, but it’s no excuse for hoarding. And the fact remains that brands are coming out with new palettes way too soon, way too quickly.

I hope you understand where I am coming from.

Au Revoir Mes Amis


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11 Ways to Say "No" to Makeup
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