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12 Beauty Products You Need in Your Life

Yes, you actually need them.

There are thousands upon thousands of beauty products, all promising to improve your skin, hair, save you time in your beauty routine—but these products will actually do what they market themselves to do. Here are 12 beauty products I use on a daily basis as part of my routine and since I have started using them, I will never stop.

1. Conair Blow Dry Brush

This saves my life on an almost everyday basis. Whether I'm close on time between a shower and needing to be somewhere or just want a nice blow dry look, I use this brush. It dries my soaking wet hair within just ten minutes. I'll also add that I could never give myself a blow out with a normal hair dryer and round brush, but now I leave the house with a fresh blow dry look almost everyday. The particular model I have is a flat brush where the hot (or cold) air comes through the bristles. It makes it easy to brush and dry your hair without using both of your hands. Blow dry hairbrushes typically cost anywhere from $25+, and the model I use is around $35. Its an essential investment in both saving time and looking good effortlessly.

2. Fresh Rose Face Mask

I've recently become obsessed with rose beauty products and this face mask blew me out of the water. Since breaking my nose, I have had extreme dryness on not only my nose, but on my cheeks near my nose, and no product until this one was able to fix it. The recommended time to leave the mask on is 10- 15 minutes, but I will often sleep with it on (after waiting until it dries) and wake up the next morning with quenched skin. I have also noticed it helps with breakouts; after later research I discovered how beneficial rose actually is for acne and clearing skin. The mask has actual rose petals in it, and a little of it goes a looooong way. The mask itself is pricey, but does come in different sizes where some are more affordable, but regardless, your skin will thank you for the investment.

3. CoCoRoo Body ReJavanation Scrub

I have written about this scrub before, but feel as though I can never rave about it enough. It works wonders for acne, stretch marks, eczema, and is overall a powerful scrub. I use it all over my face and body twice a week, but also use it as a mask. The real coffee beans work for a deep exfoliation, while the different nut oils deeply moisturize the skin. It comes in a large tube and is roughly $20 (even cheaper if you use code annereboa at checkout!) and even with daily use, lasts anywhere from six to eight months! It is way worth every penny you spend on it, and adds a delightful coffee aroma into your beauty routine!

4. Fresh Rose Lip Balm

It comes in a sleek alternative to a regular chapstick tube and smells slightly of roses. It gives a wonderful, natural looking red tint and leaves your lips moisturized for hours. Again, it is a little on the pricey side. However, one swipe in the morning keeps me moisturized and soft all day, and the tint does not fade.

5. Maracuja or Argan Oil

These oils have multiple uses and applications, but my favorite use for them is in my hair. I'll put a dime-sized amount in my (damp or dry) hair every morning to prevent frizz and help protect against heat and natural damaging. This has done wonders in protecting my hair, keeping it healthy, and helping it grow quickly. You can get these oils from various different brands in a wide cost range, and can find them at beauty supply stores, pharmacies, and even grocery stores.

6. L' Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara

I must first admit that my eyelids are hooded so it is extremely difficult for me to get mascara to hold up my lashes in the outer corners. I have tried both name brand and drugstore brand mascaras, but only to be disappointed. This mascara holds my lashes up all night, and keeps my outer corners curled and lifted perfectly with little effort! It is priced around $8 and is easy to locate in stores.

7. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If you want to quickly get rid of a pimple, this is what you need. It literally will get ride of breakouts overnight. It is pricey for what seems to be a small amount, but it lasts long and a little goes a long way.

8. Hempz Body Lotion

In any scent of any kind, this lotion is amazing. Made with hemp seed oil, this lotion is thinner than most lotions in consistency, but moisturizes ten times better than any others. It is safe to use on the face, and is perfect for those who tan, have eczema, or just have generally very dry skin. It is typically around $20 a bottle, but can be found cheaper as select beauty supply stores, or in retailers such as Marshalls. Again, a little goes a long way and the bottle is a fair size for its price. 

9. Fresh Rose Moisturizer

I use this on my face and it fixes any patch or flaky area of dry skin there is. I have SO MUCH trouble keeping certain areas of my face moisturized, even when I apply lotion several times a day, and this has fixed the problem. There are a few sizes to choose from with this moisturizer, which are on the pricier side and sold at Sephora. Despite the price, the product stands out for the outstanding moisture it gives to your skin.

10. Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray

This refreshing spray is great to use throughout the day to add some extra moisture to the skin with a refreshing mist. You can even keep it chilled for an extra spritz of energy. The bottle is big and priced quite fairly for the amount you get. I also use it to set my makeup, and spray some on my pillows for a relaxing scent of roses.

11. Too Faced Cocoa Couture Contour Palette

It is easy to build a contour with the powder contour palette (that also smells like chocolate!). The brush the palette comes with makes application super easy, and the highlight gives the most amazing, light- catching glow. I've had the palette for quite some time now and still have not hit the bottom of any pan. 

12. The Naked Palettes

My go-tos since I started actually using makeup. These palettes sell themselves—they have the most beautiful shades of nudes, glitters, greys, and blacks that can create any eye makeup design you desire while also serving other purposes. I use the palette (including the brushes) to line my waterline, and even use the more sparkly, lighter tones to highlight my face and the browns to contour when I'm in a pinch. 

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12 Beauty Products You Need in Your Life
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