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5 Easy Ways to Amp up Your Beauty Routine

(And Look Fabulous)

Want to look effortlessly gorgeous and slay your day? Then follow these next few tidbits: 

Mascara 101

When it comes to mascara, we usually apply it in the normal joe shmoe way of doing it, but I'm here to help with that. Want crazy long lashes, but no clumps? Seems impossible, right? Well, if you're anything like me, I live for long, fluttery lashes, but very much despise the clumpy look. The secret to amazing lashes is to—

Step 1: Layer your mascaras + have a mascara wardrobe

Step 2: Do the shake + swipe. So what is a mascara wardrobe? It is when you use + layer specific mascaras for an ultimate lash look. So for me personally, I would use a lengthening and curling mascara first, such as the Benefit Roller lash, and then follow up with a volumizing mascara with a fluffy wand, like the Loreal's Lash Paradise. A little extra tip is to also opt for waterproof mascara, because they hold a curl better! Now it's time for the shake + swipe, when your applying the mascara start from the root and and shake + swipe wiggling the lashes to get rid of clumps and get the mascara evenly coated along the lashes. With this technique, a little goes a long way, and soon enough, you have supermodel lashes! 

Made a mistake? No prob. Translucent powder to the rescue.

Most people only use translucent powder to set their face and bake. Now the secret's out. You can use translucent powder as your own makeup eraser. Got a little eye shadow fallout? No worries, just a tap a little translucent powder over it, and voila, it's gone! Went a little blush crazy, and now you look like a clown ready for a birthday party? Tap a little powder and boom. Say sayonara to clown cheeks. If you're worried about looking too powdery, choose a finely milled powder and press the powder in with a beauty blender. A beauty blender presses the powder in and creates a seamless finish vs. a brush, which sweeps the powder on top, making your foundation look cake-y. Also, if you want that extra dew, pop on some setting spray and you are good to go. 

Setting Spray, AKA Your New Best Friend

Setting spray is the ticket to glowy, goddess skin. It melts all the makeup on your skin and blends it together seamlessly whilst taking away that powdery look. It also locks in your makeup, which is an added plus! There are sooo many setting sprays on the market that it is hard to choose one. Some mentionable ones are Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, Glam Glow Setting Spray, Urban Decay All Nighter, + MAC Fix Plus, of course. Ever had a setting spray that the spray was wayyy to powerful, and more of a shower than a mist? A trick is to not spray directly at your face if it is a stronger spray. It is better to spray it up in the air and walk into the mist while fanning it into your face. This will give you that mist rather than a stream. 

Red lips or red tint?

Ahh, red lips. Red lips are a bold statement many of us are too intimidated to ever actually walk out of the house wearing. To those that can pull off this lip color confidently + with ease: you simply rock. Personally, I looove a red lip, but I just can't get myself to wear it outside. It's not a confidence thing, it's just that I don't like the attention a red lip gives, so I opt for a red tint. Probably one of my most favorite things to do is take a red lipstick or gloss and dab a tiny bit on and pat it in with my fingers. This is literally perfect, since it's a tint it won't come off while you're eating and will give your lips a better feel. No touch-ups + looks effortless. This is my every day go to. 

No time for eye shadow? That's why there's bronzer + blush.

Sometimes we want to look put together but we gotta run in five. Ninety nine percent of people don't have time in the morning or are simply too lazy to create an elaborate eye look everyday. Don't fret though; that's why there's bronzer + blush. Sweep a little over your eyes and boom. Instant bronzed goddess. If you want to be a little extra, take a crease brush and grab a little extra bronzer or blush—or mix it, no one's judging—and focus + build the pigment in your crease. It will look like you spent 20 minutes on your shadow when, in reality, it took about 30 seconds tops. Don't forget inner corner highlight, though; it brightens your eyes when your concealer can't!

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5 Easy Ways to Amp up Your Beauty Routine
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