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5 Oils that Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

Natural oils are growing in popularity.

Essential oils have so many uses that make them worthwhile, and your beauty routine might be the leading one. You can make the most out of your beauty routine with essential oils because they have a lot of, well, essential properties. They can be used to combat acne, for anti-aging or just for moisturizing. Use these five oils to transform your beauty routine.

Frankincense for Skin

Frankincense is a go-to oil for a lot of skin care needs. It helps with scarring, acne, blemishes, aging, etc. You can basically use frankincense on any part of your body and probably see some positive results. This oil is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This makes it safe for all skin types and is not likely to cause reverse effects. Many use it for scars and dry skin, but it can be used for most normal skin issues. Try frankincense as a daily moisturizer and track the results.

Lavender Oil for Hair

Have you ever tried lavender oil for hair? If not, you need to give it a shot. Lavender oil is amazing at conditioning and leaving your hair sleek and shiny. It is a great natural way to get shiny hair without using chemicals in your hair.

Not only does it make your hair look healthy, but it actually makes it healthier. Lavender promotes hair growth. Massage some lavender oil into your scalp then rinse it out after 10 minutes. Also, add it to some other products you use for the best results.

Melaleuca for Hand Sanitizing

Essential oils can be used for cleanliness as well. Melaleuca has antibacterial properties and can be made into homemade hand sanitizer. Take 1 ounce of water, 10 drops of melaleuca essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera to make natural hand sanitizer. This is great to put in a little bottle and keep in your purse in case you are using public transit or touching a lot of items.

Geranium for Face Masks

Geranium is a great essential oil for balancing skin. It can also reduce wrinkles and help tighten skin. It also makes a great face mask. Take 4 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel and eight to 10 drops of geranium essential oil. Mix these together for an effective and calming face mask. Your skin will feel balanced and tightened after using this face mask once a week. 

Homemade Skin Toner with Lemongrass

Store-bought toners can be harsh on the skin. Try making your own with lemongrass. Lemongrass is highly effective for treating acne and large pores. You will want to opt for a natural toner instead of the synthetic store-bought ones that might not help your skin at all. Take lemongrass and dilute it with water to make a toner. Apply it evenly on your face after washing it. This will make you feel awake, and will also clear your skin in no time.

Essential oils not only are great for beauty, but the aroma can wake you up or relax you. Applying some essential oils to your skin could even make you feel more refreshed during the day. These natural oils have endless benefits that you should take advantage of.

Essential oils are great for beauty. Natural products are best on your skin and hair, especially if you are prone to acne or dry skin. Store-bought products work on some people, but aren’t the answer for everyone. Switch up your beauty routine and make it more natural with these effective essential oils. 

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5 Oils that Will Transform Your Beauty Routine
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