5 Things That Drive Your Stylist Crazy

You're driving your stylist crazy.

Going to your hairstylist is something we all enjoy doing from time to time—our confidence rises, and having our hair look good makes us feel good. When you go to your hairstylist, are you saying or doing these five things that drive your hairstylist crazy? These are five things that will drive your stylist crazy and may cause your hairstylist to break up with you if done too often.

1. Picture Twins

The first thing that is driving your stylist absolutely mad is not what you think. What's driving you stylist crazy is something I like to call “Picture Twins.” Now I bet you are wondering, what are “Picture Twins?” You have no idea what you are doing when you go into your stylist with a picture of your favorite hairstyle or your favorite celebrity with a particular hairstyle and say “I want my hair to look just like this.” What you don’t know is that the picture you are holding most of the time doesn’t show the side or back of the head. You are also most likely unaware of the fact that your hair type is probably different than your favorite celebrity, or your hair isn’t the same as the picture you have in your hand from 15 years ago. I mean come on, we all age, and our hair doesn’t stay the same. You may not have the face shape for the particular hairstyle or cut, and it is our job to make sure we tell you. So next time you go into the salon and you have a picture, don’t ask us for an identical replica of the photo you have in your hand. Instead, try asking us if we could create a style similar to the picture, if it's something that we think would suit you or have the hair for.

2. Undecided

Going into your salon and looking at your hairstylist and saying “just do whatever you think would look best,” is not something we like to hear. I know it may seem like you are the best client ever because you said “I want you to do whatever you think would look best,” but in reality, we are thinking, okay, well I guess we are mind readers now. Here is the deal: We don’t know if you like your hair short or layered or if you like your hair blond or black. We do not know much about you, especially if you are a first time client. Next time you go to your stylist and you don’t really care what your stylist does to your hair, at least let them know what you are not okay with. For example, shaving your hair, giving you the bangs that your mother gave you in second grade, giving you a long bob, or even putting layers in your hair. Just give us a good idea of what not to do and we can make you look amazing. Just remember, we are not magicians—we can’t perform magic on your hair if it is damaged beyond repair.

3. Personal Hygiene

Body odor is something that we should all, around 12, at least be aware of. However, some people seem to think that the product called deodorant doesn’t exist. That's at least what I like to tell myself when someone sits down in my chair and smells like they have not taken a shower in a week. When you go to your salon and sit in your stylist's chair, make sure you have put on deodorant, and if you are a smoker, put gum in your mouth. I can promise you the last thing you should want your stylist to do is hurry with your hair care because they can’t stand how you smell. So next time you go to your stylist, try to make sure you take care of your personal hygiene. 

4. Changing Your Mind at the End

Nothing feels better than when we have completed the style and you say to us that it looks amazing, then you look and say, “could you do one more thing?” We usually know what follows that question, and it more often than not is, “can you just cut a few more inches off ?” or “Can you add some more lowlights?” or the most upsetting is: “Can we go a bit darker and add more highlights and just a little bit shorter?” That last question is the worst. After we have just spent the last two to three hours doing your hair, you want us to basically do a whole new style and then not expect to pay for a whole new style. So when you go to your salon, please have a clear idea of what you want, and don’t wait till the very end to let us know if you want something changed. 

5. Late/Don’t Show

While at the salon, we make sure we are fully booked for the day so we can make money. But let’s be honest, one of the first things we want is to pay our bills, even if we really do love our jobs. So as you can imagine, when you make an appointment with us and then you call, or worse, just don’t show up, it messes with our money, and it messes with the other appointments we have scheduled in for the day. Something that really drives us crazy is when you are 30 minutes late and you don’t call to let us know, then get mad or angry when we tell you, “ I am sorry, but we can’t fit you in.” So here is the deal...if you are going to be 30 minutes late, we are going to take the next appointment if they are at the salon. So if you think you are going to be 30 minutes late, please call us so we can reschedule your appointment! Or, if we don’t have anything, then we can at least move your appointment for a later time. And if you don’t show up well, we will give you an appointment that is a few weeks out, because we want to make the most money we can, and not showing up to your appointment doesn’t pay our bills. 

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