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6 Reasons to Shave Your Head

Why I Shaved My Head

July of 2018

We all have things in life that make us, us. Things that people notice when they first meet you, or how people describe you.  My hair was one of my favorite attributes of myself and one that definitely described me. 

It may have been one of my favorite things about myself, but it was also very dead and it would fall to pieces when I would touch it.  One day, I decided I needed a change, and I needed it now. I looked at my husband and asked him to shave my head, and so I shaved my head and it was liberating! I was so nervous to do so, but let me tell you why this helped me and hopefully helps you! 

1: Getting to Know Yourself

As I looked at myself in the mirror the next morning, I regretted everything. I felt so ugly and I had no self-esteem. I cried and cried and cried. After about an hour or two, I began to think about it. And I realized, this is a new start. I had needed one anyways. This haircut was a new era in my life and I needed to embrace that. I learned so much about self-love and how to deal with negative thoughts about myself. I decided that I was not going to let my hair grow back in until I learned that I am as beautiful without my hair as I am with it. And once I got to that point, I realized that I was a better person. 

2: The Stages of Growth

The last time my hair was this short, I was under the age of three. I didn’t get to see it grow out. As I am watching it now, I realize that it is so nice to watch. Each month is a different length and it’s a new phase of the process. You get to see yourself in many new hairstyles and if you like it that much, just keep it! There are so many steps to the growth that I never understood. Each week, I notice the how much longer it has gotten. It is beginning to cover the tops of my ears and it has only been a month and a half! 

3: Freeing Yourself

Cutting my hair freed me. It’s not something that I can describe, you have to go through it to understand. It made me feel so free of my old burdens, it gave me a new outlook on life. I saw the world differently. It made me feel beautiful. Once I realized that I was beautiful, even with no hair, I noticed the beauty in everything. I noticed the love and excitement in life. I freed myself of thoughts that did not define me. 

4: The Adventure

My husband cut his hair with me. I was scared, but he helped me through it. Having someone there to support me was absolutely wonderful. It was a journey that I needed to take for myself. It made me see the world better. I have done so many things because cutting my hair off gave me that confidence. 

5: The Cost

Before I cut my hair, I had to buy a new bottle of conditioner at least once a week. Getting the "good" kind aways cost me a fortune. Now that I have minimal hair, it has cut down to once a month! I never thought I would see the day! It also cut down the cost of all the products I put in it. It saved me $60 a month! 

6: If you want to do it, DO IT.

Seriously, just do it. You may be doubting it and worrying, but it’s hair! It WILL grow back. And you will see it grow! It’s so wonderful and nice to watch. It’s one of the best decisions of my life, you should try it too. You won’t know unless you try! Plus, you can wear wigs!

In conclusion, cutting my hair changed my life. I had to learn a hard lesson, the hard way. I realized that my hair did not define me nor my personality. If you’re thinking about cutting it, don’t think, just cut it! 

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6 Reasons to Shave Your Head
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