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9 Ways the Simplehuman Sensor Pro Smart Mirror Can Instantly Improve Your Makeup Routine

Tired of thinking your makeup looks perfect, only to go into different lighting and end up looking like a clown? Try the Simplehuman Sensor Pro Smart Mirror.

Saying "makeup is an art" is far from a hot take. Some of us can spend hours to get that perfect look, and in the end, we're really proud of it! That is until you step out of your bathroom into the natural light or the cooler lighting in your office and suddenly, everything is off. Your blush no longer blends perfectly, you've got this weird splotch on your chin, and all that time you spent on your face now seems to be for naught. 

This problem, however, does have a solution: smart mirrors. That's right, everything is getting smart nowadays, and your mirror is next in line to know better than you. There are a few on the market, but the Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror is the best of the best. It's going to completely change the way you put on makeup for a number of reasons.

First, let's talk about what a smart mirror actually is.

The word "smart" before things has become pretty commonplace, i.e. vague, in today's modern technology world. So when you hear "smart mirror," you might not exactly be sure what the heck that even is. Does it tell me I'm pretty every time I walk by? That would be a smart thing to do, but alas, no. It's a mirror that integrates with your smartphone to give you a variety of smart features that you wouldn't normally be able to experience without the use of a million different lamps, lightbulbs, and regular mirrors. 

You can see yourself at any angle.

Seeing yourself from any angle with a regular old mirror is basically impossible. You want to see if your pick of the 5 best and cheapest foundations has a weird line where your chin ends, but trying to look at the bottom of your chin via mirror is a feat that many have tried, but few have accomplished. If you have, I'm impressed. 

But for the rest of us, we need a good wide view mirror. The stainless steel Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror is three mirrors in one, so you can see every inch of your face—yes, even that part you were trying to hide. It also has a 10x magnification mirror attached, so you can get up close and personal with the details of your eyeliner with no issue. 

You can adjust the color temperature.

A few years ago, I went into this fancy store in the mall to buy a dress for a wedding I was attending. When I went to try on my options in the dressing room, I noticed that the mirror had these lights around it. That was pretty cool, instead of the usual harsh overhead lights that most dressing rooms had. But then I noticed something way better; the lights were adjustable. I could pick "evening," "office," and "daylight." It was mind-blowing. I was able to see how my dress would look in each setting!

That's not even close to how many options the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro has. It has, get ready for this, 50,000 color variations. Yeah, you heard me, 50,000. You can't even name that many colors. It can simulate natural light, lighting in bars, restaurants, at the office, anything. The regular lights that may be above your sink won't show how your makeup will look once you get outside. With this smart mirror, you'll know exactly how it'll look for perfect color and application every time.

You can save your favorite places to recreate the lighting there exactly.

Say you're getting ready for a date night. You already picked out the place, since you've been there a million times with your friends. You have like 800 pictures of you guys there. But you want to know how your makeup will look for your date night in that specific restaurant. Have no fear! Just upload a picture of you there to the companion app, and since it's wi-fi enabled, the mirror will adjust the lighting so you know how your face will look there. If that doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. These capture light settings are what truly put the Simplehuman Sensor Pro Smart mirror above the rest. 

It works with Alexa.

Picture this: you're literally in the middle of putting on your eyeliner, and suddenly you decide you want to change the lighting ever so slightly. Your hands are VERY occupied at the moment though! The Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror has you covered if you have an Amazon Echo as well. Just ask Alexa to adjust the lighting to whatever you need, and you're set! This puts the mirror right into the category of smart home gadgets you'll actually use and love.

It lasts a long time.

One charge of this smart mirror can last up to five weeks. Do you even know how many girls' night outs that is?! Since the mirror automatically turns on and off depending on whether you're in front of it or not, this saves time, energy, and most importantly, money. It doesn't have any annoying wires or plugs like some other beauty lamps, so it's also no hassle. That means your makeup routine will be a hair shorter, so you can spend a hair longer snuggled into bed in the morning. 

It has tru-lux technology.

If you don't know what tru-lux technology is yet, you're in for a treat. Inside the light rings in the Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror are specially patterned light reflectors that disperse the LED lights evenly, so there are no light spots. This technology also helps simulate natural light to the most realistic that current tech can accomplish; it's truly the top of the line. You'll definitely know if your mascara looks more brown or brown-black while you're outside after applying it with this mirror. 

It's not hot, so your makeup won't be affected.

We've all bought beauty lamps that have a problem with getting very, very hot after prolonged use since they're such strong lights. We're trying to put makeup on here, not melt our faces off! Those strong lights can make your face sweat if you're sensitive to heat (guilty), ruining what you've already put on. The LED lights in this smart mirror, however, don't get hot. That means your face stays cool while doing your makeup and it won't melt away. 

There are no surprises.

What you see is what you get with the Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror. It's a mirror that does what it says and the only thing that can go wrong is you smudging your eyeliner after reading the tips & tricks on how to get the perfect eyeliner because your dog barked in the other room and it made you jump. Since the lighting is so adjustable, you won't have any "Oh shit, is that what I really look like?" moments when you realize the lighting at the wedding you're attending is way better than your bathroom lights and you look like a hot mess. 

And best of all, it inspires confidence.

Remember, wearing makeup shouldn't be about impressing other people; it should be able how you want to look, what you want to wear. That being said, sometimes trying a new highlighter or new look in general can be scary. Everyone knows the world's a stage, the world is always watching, etc. Knowing exactly how you look in every kind of lighting with the Simplehuman Sensor Pro smart mirror can really help reduce some of the anxiety that comes with trying to pull off a new look. You know you're going to be the best version of yourself when walking out the door, and honestly, that feeling is priceless. 

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9 Ways the Simplehuman Sensor Pro Smart Mirror Can Instantly Improve Your Makeup Routine
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