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Acne, Turmeric, and Patience

My Little Acne Journey and Life-changing Advice

All my life, I had beautiful clear skin. My face was never too oily, and through puberty, I had minimally suffered with pimples. I feel really bad for saying this, but every time I saw someone with some kind of acne or just simply a big pimple, I felt so grateful that I never had to go through that.

Some things may factor into that. I started birth control at a really young age, but I wasn’t aware that it was birth control. My mom had asked my doctor if he recommended it due to (what I remember) surprise visits from you know who, and I’m not sure if he was thinking, but I started my first pack of birth control at age 11. It wasn’t until the summer I turned 15 I knew what it was.

Suddenly, into my second year of college, I started getting pimples in groups. Not quite acne, but not just simply a pimple. It was that moment when my three-year adventure with cystic acne began. It started with some small, random outbursts of deep, hard and painful pimples, or they would be painfully itchy. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I was sure it was nothing, so just as normal teenagers do, I left it alone.

A few thoughts crossed my mind: allergies? My laundry detergent? I began getting more pimples in more areas, mostly on my chin and cheeks. They were an abundance of pain and itchy and they were most definitely pimples (because they would have white heads) and me being the pick a scab type of person, I had to pop them.

After about two months of dealing with this and no natural solution arising, I went to the doctor. He said I was suffering from adult cystic acne and had given me a few natural remedies to try on my own, and also a prescription for something called the “TactuPump,” which apparently had been really successful to many of his other patients suffering from all types of acne. He put this off to be some miracle product that would solve all my problems within three to six weeks of using the product. I read up on it, and the side effects seemed very excruciating and blown out of proportion, and I was still feeling optimistic.

After a week of dabbing a very small amount and applying it nightly, my face would sting so badly that I had to cover my face in ice, and it got desert dry (no lie). If I put cream on my face, it would sting. I couldn’t even wash my face without the instant pain. It was so painful, and the doctor had warned me, but he said the pain will be very bad but will go away in two to three weeks. It was so painful, I couldn’t continue, so I stopped using it. TactuPump hadn’t done anything in the two weeks I had been using it, so no loss there.

Still to this day (being three years later) I still suffer with the random cystic bump on my face, and my face is very scarred, but it has gone down drastically. I had tried everything from going back on birth control, to changing my diet and working out, to various natural remedies (lemon water, toothpaste etc.) and even tried absolutely every drugstore acne product or cream and even high-end brands at Sephora. At this point, the acne had spread from my chin and cheeks, to my neck, back, and chest. If I exfoliated, my acne would break and spread. If I washed my face or itched, my acne would spread. If I put makeup on, it would clog my pores and give me even more stubborn acne. Nothing was working, and what was worse that when it was at its most painful, people actually felt bad for me. My friends' moms, bosses, and even people I had never exchanged two words to had confronted me on it. It was so pathetic and had angered me so much to see people treating me differently just because I had randomly gotten acne, and it was so severe.

The one thing that had worked for me with only two treatments and almost gotten rid of it for good so suddenly wasn’t a product. What worked was a turmeric, honey, and lemon juice with baking soda face mask. At the time I was working nights, and I would go home in the morning and make up a concoction and put it everywhere. Literally in two applications, it was almost completely gone, along with some of the minor acne scarring. It also made my face glow, added moisture and elasticity to my skin after being tortured for so long with this stubborn acne.

For other recipes, check out this link.

Highly, highly recommend doing this face mask for people suffering with any sort of acne or even if you just have a stubborn pimple!