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Affordable, New, Must Have Makeup


Starting this month, I'm going to be sharing what's new monthly in the world of makeup. Our favorite brands are constantly churning out new products for us, and sometimes it's too much to keep up with. Hopefully this will help cut all that online (or in store) shopping time in half! I'll share ten new products with you, and all products will be within the affordable range of $20. 

$15 Foundation

The first item on this list is NYX's Can't Stop, Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation that has an amazing range of 45 colors. NYX is an amazing, affordable brand that has quality that outshines other brands on the same tier. I would highly suggest this product if you're not trying to spend too much.

$10 Blush

The second item on this list is Blush Bomb Color Drops from Drew Barrymore's makeup line Flower Beauty. There are six different shades for these drops—two neutral colors, two soft pinks, a bright pink, and a mauve. These liquid drops are easy to blend into your skin.

$5 Bronzer

The next few products are from the amazing brand Wet N Wild. I wish I could share all of their new products here, but that would just be a Wet N Wild review! This bronzer comes in three different shades and is only $4.99! Normally you find flaws with makeup this cheap, but Wet N Wild is some of the best. I would really suggest adding this to your collection. 

$5 Highlight

The second product on this list coming from Wet N Wild is their MegaGlo highlighter. No, this product name isn't new. HOWEVER, they were brought back from last year's Halloween limited edition collection with a few brand new shades for their Fantasy Makers collection. And I'm sure they'll only be around for another short period, so get it while you can!

$11 Eye Shadow Palette

The fifth item on this list is the BEAUTIFUL Soda Pop palette from Maybelline that I refuse to let be out-shined by its older sister, the Lemonade Craze. It's not technically out yet, but it is being released THIS MONTH, for $10.99. So if you like the Lemonade Craze palette, don't let this one pass by.

$11 Brows

Physicians Formula has a new, duo-sided brow pen with a small brush perfect for blending out the brow gel. It's only $10.95 and comes in four different shades. It works a lot better than potted brow gel, so if you like brow gel and are looking for something new, try this. 

$9 Gloss

Milani Cosmetics just came out with their Amore Shine Liquid Lip color that is supposed to be a liquid lipstick, but works better as a gloss. While most glosses are shimmery nowadays, this liquid lip comes in 12 berry colors with no shimmer that are perfect for the fall, and only cost $9. So you can wear this one on its own, or as a gloss over your favorite lipstick. 

$7 Lipstick

Colourpop has recently come out with these cute little lipsticks for only $7 a stick. There are six different colors, a mix of muted tones and vibrant shades. You can get each color alone, or they come in a set that's currently on sale for $36.

$10-$14 Eyeliner

Covergirl has a brand new eyeliner that has a little wheel that gives a very accurate line. It's perfect for cat eye looks or creative designs. At different stores, this eyeliner is between $9.99 through $13.49. It only comes in solid black, however.

$7 Single Eyeshadow

So Colourpop is the queen of single pan eye shadow colors. However, Kylie Cosmetics just released TWENTY-EIGHT (28) single shadows pulled from some of her favorite palettes from her cosmetics line. I highly suggest some of these colors if you've got some spare room in a magnetized pallet. 

Honorable Mention - $14 Highlight Palette

As I said earlier, I wish I could put all the new Wet N Wild products up; they're so great for such a cheap brand. Instead of including a different product for my honorable mention, I decided to share the MegaGlo Highlighting Palette by the company, in case you want your highlights in a palette as opposed to just single pans. Everyone likes different styles, and don't let its lack of being at Walmart keep you from getting this product!

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Affordable, New, Must Have Makeup
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