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Affordable Summer Makeup Products

My Take on Affordable Makeup Products Any Girl Can Haul

While new makeup brands, products, and trends are released or updated constantly, these 6 affordable beauty products have withstood many reviews and swatches to rank as the best affordable makeup products any girl can buy just about anywhere!

Concealer-LA Girl Pro Concealer

We all as women have our fair share of many concealers and color correctors to be as close to the foundation we would wear to cover up dark spots, blemishes, and imperfections. The LA Girl Pro Concealer has ranked as the top best concealers that are constantly reviewed from many beauty bloggers all around the world. I have tried the concealer in a beautiful bronze and I couldn’t believe how it not only covered my acne scars, but it made my skin look a lot brighter.

Mascara- Covergirl Lash Blast Volume

Being a user and fan of the Covergirl collections, this mascara did not fail to amaze me when it has given my already long eyelashes more perky volume without any clumps. Many of the mascaras from Covergirl tend to give you what want your eyelashes to look like- more length, more volume, or no clumps along with being waterproof.

Foundation- Colourpop No Filter Complexion Foundation

I can not explain how shocked I was to see Colourpop Cosmetics has launched their line of foundation. Their colors based on your skin tone and undertone as well as comparing colors of any other foundation you previously use. I consider it to be a cheaper version of FENTY Beauty with it matching more skin tones than most online makeup brands.

Blush- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Maybelline as a makeup brand has gone above and beyond with many makeup products for an affordable price. I have not been one to purchase blush, but I have thought about starting with this particular blush since it comes in 10 beautiful shades from a rosy pink to a dark mauve. You can choose to wear this blush lightly and naturally or give yourself a bolder more fuller look. 

Eye palette- Ruby Kisses Nude Palette

There is no shame in going into Sephora and buying an Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow palette that is splurging a 50 dollar budget...or you could spend less than $10 on a similar one from any beauty supply store. I have used Ruby Kisses products from their lip liners to their eyeshadows in basic nude tones. The variety of shades from sultry nudes to dramatics bolder colors to bring more emphasis to your eyes.

Primer- Wet n Wild Dewy or Matte Primer

This primer, dewy natural or matte, help minimize the sight of pores along without leaving your skin susceptible to foundation wearing off or even caking up. make sure to give this product time to absorb the foundation you may want to use and it's true when they say a little goes a long way for primer. 

If you need a boost in your makeup collection, look no more than these 6 affordable bey buys just in time for the summer coming in full swing!! Hope you Queens have a wonderful summer experimenting with new beauty products.

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Affordable Summer Makeup Products
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