Amanda Zylstra

Skincare and Beauty Product Obsessed! I have a passion for Korean Skincare, and Unique Makeup items. Goth at heart and passionate about Subculture Fashions and Beauty Products. I am a Cat Lover, Poetry Writer, Tea Drinker, and Music Lover. 

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ULTA Beauty Savings Tips
3 months ago
ULTA Beauty is one of my favorite stores. I love how they have drugstore and high-end products all in one place. This makes comparing similar items easier without driving to multiple locations, and I ...
Treat Beauty Giant Lip Balms
3 months ago
Treat Beauty makes lip balms that are three times larger than standard lip balms. These giant-sized lip balms last longer and are easier to locate in your purse or backpack. I am in love with the size...
My Favorite Korean BB Cream
6 months ago
This article is about one of my favorite Korean BB Creams.
Hush: Inexpensive Makeup Dupes
6 months ago
Hush is a site that sells inexpensive beauty products. The category of items they carry is listed at the top of the page and makes the website easy to navigate. Lips, Eyes, Face, Cheeks, Skincare, Bru...