Amanda Zylstra

Cat Lover, Poetry Writer, Tea Drinker, Skincare and Beauty Product Obsessed. Check out my poetry collection "Passing Skeletons" available on Amazon.

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Favorite Lip Gloss
10 months ago
I am a long time fan of lip gloss. I enjoy the shine and texture of it. I love the way it feels on my lips. I have tried many brands and formulas over the years. This article will discuss my current f...
Best Purple Eyeshadow Palettes
10 months ago
Purple is one of my all-time favorite colors. I am also a huge fan of purple toned eyeshadows, which have been popular lately. This article will discuss some of the best purple eyeshadows on the marke...
Favorite Makeup Revolution Products
a year ago
Makeup Revolution is a drugstore beauty brand from the UK. They specialize in making affordable makeup items and are also available in ULTA Beauty stores in the USA as well as online. This article wil...
Morphe Review
a year ago
Morphe is a brand that I recently discovered. I have watched many YouTube Beauty Vloggers obsess over this brand but always thought that they were high end for some reason. When I discovered their mak...
BuyInCoins Review
a year ago
I am a bargain shopper. I am always looking for the lowest price I can get on items I am planning to purchase. When I discovered BuyInCoins I was amazed at how inexpensive their items were. I decided ...
Favorite Urban Decay Products
a year ago
I have been a fan of Urban Decay cosmetics for many years and have used a lot of the makeup items they have released. This article will feature some of my all-time favorite products made by Urban Deca...