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Full Face Makeup Only Using Drugstore Products
7 months ago
I have always loved makeup. I used to have an obsession with it when I was younger, taking several trips to the mall every month just so I could wander around Sephora, MAC, and any other cosmetic stor...
Knowing Our Company
a year ago
Monat is a premium haircare line that is 100 percent vegan, cruelty free, toxin free, and naturally based. What sets our products apart from every other in the industry is simple—it is our science. Mo...
Product Review: 'Say Yes To... Coconut' Lip Mask
a year ago
I love face masks. I almost think I have an obsession, because every time I am in any store that sells them, I have to spend at least ten minutes in that aisle looking through them and end up buying a...
12 Beauty Products You Need in Your Life
a year ago
There are thousands upon thousands of beauty products, all promising to improve your skin, hair, save you time in your beauty routine—but these products will actually do what they market themselves to...