Christina Hammond

Hello, one and all! As you can see my name is Christina, but on my blog I go by Christina Marie. I will write about anything and everything I find interesting or worth sharing, and I will try to make it as entertaining as possible. Enjoy!

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Michelle Phan: 'Make Up'
a year ago
Throughout our life, we absorb knowledge about beauty and style just from living our lives, trial and error. But how often do you personally experience, or know someone who does, that feeling of helpl...
Coffee for Hair Growth?
a year ago
Don’t we all wish our hair would magically grow overnight? I know personally I have always enjoyed having short hair because for me it is easier to care for. But then there will come times when I will...
Rice Toner
2 years ago
I know I am not alone in my struggles in finding the perfect products for my face. Our faces are one of the first things people we meet notice, and so we can all be rather paranoid about the condition...