Evan Emanuel

I'm a licensed hair stylist in the great state of New York. Also a lover of Disney,  avatar the last airbender, mythology, and other random stuff that doesn't go together. Don't forget to leave a tip!!

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Make Up for Men: a Beginner's Guide for Male Beauty
25 days ago
Before I begin on tips and tricks, I'm gonna have to do some debunking. From your favorite actors, k pop stars, rappers to even athletes, they all wear make up to interviews, red carpet events, photo ...
Hair Color Services Decoded
8 months ago
As a hair stylist, I KNOW it can be super confusing about all the types of coloring services that are offered. There is a lot of lingo that us stylists use that seem confusing, when simplified can be ...
Advice From a Hairdresser
a year ago
I graduated beauty school in 2016. Between doing hair at the student salon to doing hair in people's houses to a salon, I get asked A LOT of questions. At every holiday I am asked by everyone so many ...