Faline Kay Frost

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Should You Brush Your Hair?
7 months ago
I used to be completely brush obsessed when I was younger because my hair reached my knees and the tangles were impossible. The state of my hair didn’t concern me back then because I just braided it a...
Dream Skincare
7 months ago
I have always struggled with dry skin. I’m from an island originally, and grew up just an hour or so away from the sea. My living environment was always humid, so when I first moved to Alberta, my ski...
Winter Paradise Mascara
7 months ago
There are these commercials I always see in the late spring about waterproof mascara for all those pool parties you’re about to go to. They go something like “Do you want amazing eyelashes in the show...
Anhesti Hair and Scalp Refresher
7 months ago
Today I want to touch onto something very specific out of a wonderful line of products. The line is Anhesti Haircare and its creator is Lorri Weisen. She has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, sh...