Haley Dorian

I love to write stories, read stories, and make youtube videos. I spend a lot of time online.

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GlamGlow Holiday Gift Sets
7 months ago
GlamGlow was originally founded in 2010, and was intended for professionals and backstage use in Hollywood's entertainment industries. In 2011, their products were made available to the rest of us civ...
My Makeup Journey
8 months ago
I used to be the girl who stayed away from makeup, the girl who thought the other girls who DID wear makeup were snobby and thought they were better than the rest of us. That seemed a little true in m...
Affordable, New, Must Have Makeup
9 months ago
Starting this month, I'm going to be sharing what's new monthly in the world of makeup. Our favorite brands are constantly churning out new products for us, and sometimes it's too much to keep up with...
The New Too Faced Collection
a year ago
Too Faced™, arguably the hottest makeup brand on the shelves, is finally releasing a new collection, one that will most definitely outshine the drawn-out Peach collections. The new collection, Life's ...