Helen Z

I’m a hairdresser (self-employed!) and an Interior Designer. I got out of the corporate rat race to pursue my passion for Beauty.   

Instagram: @HelensHairTribe

Website- Https://helenz.glossgenius.com

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Oscar-Worthy Hair
3 months ago
I tuned into the 91st Annual Academy Awards. I was paying close attention to the hair, of course. I was glued to the TV for the red carpet pre-show. What stood out for me the most was the range of sty...
Breaking News
3 months ago
Unkempt. Wild. Kinky. Messy. Unmanageable. Unprofessional. Electrocuted. The back of a sheep’s ass. These are some of the loaded words and messages used to describe my hair. I’m sure many people can r...