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10 Alternatives to Botox to Get Rid of Frown Lines
a year ago
Botox might seem like the only resort to get rid of your deep frown lines. But in the world of skincare, you are rarely limited to one option. You might be wondering, "Is Botox safe?" After doing rese...
10 Best Makeup Tips for Heart-Shaped Faces (Plus, Tutorials)
a year ago
Following specific makeup tips for your face shape will transform your finished makeup look each day. Mainly focusing on contour and highlight, these makeup tips for heart-shaped faces are sure to per...
10 Reasons Your Moisturizer is Drying Out Your Skin
a year ago
Moisturizing might seem like something that will never work with your skin, but it's not the step in your skincare routine that you need to get rid of. Instead, you should turn to the reasons why your...
How To Lighten Your Hair Without Bleach
a year ago
Everyone knows bleaching your hair is harmful, but the results are what make it so worthwhile. But what if there were ways to lighten your hair and produce the same results while using natural substit...
8 Reasons Why You Should Add Quartz Crystals to Your Skincare Routine
a year ago
With the popularity of skincare rising in the beauty community, there comes plenty of products that are meant to wow you, but not to actually heal your skin. For example, do you really need a gold-inf...
10 Best Makeup Tips for Round-Shaped Faces (Plus, Tutorials)
a year ago
From concealer to contour, highlighting, and blush, each of these makeup tips for round-shaped faces will change your makeup game for the better. Transform the appearance of your shape, and stray away...