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Hottest Makeup Trends of the 1980s
a year ago
The 80s were filled with expression, especially when it came to fashion and beauty. From the makeup base to colorful lids and bright lips, these are the most popular makeup trends of the 1980s. What a...
10 Tips for Blow Drying Your Hair (According to Your Hair Type)
a year ago
From curly to straight and damaged to super long, these are the best tips for blow drying your hair, no matter your hair type. We have got you covered no matter the difficulty of your hair. Believe it...
Best Charcoal Face Cleansers
a year ago
Charcoal is the new best thing in beauty, and it can be found everywhere. From teeth whitening to blackhead removal, charcoal-infused products are filling the shelves. As some of the best products on ...
Most Famous Makeup Artists of All Time
a year ago
From Bobbi Brown, with her incredible makeup line that will live on well past her successful career as a makeup artist, to Stan Winston, winning four Academy Awards for his talents in makeup special e...
10 Dangerous Makeup Hacks You Should Never Try
a year ago
From the infamous Kylie Jenner Challenge to spraying your face with hairspray as a makeshift setting spray, the most dangerous makeup hacks might be tempting to try out, but we suggest you stay far aw...
Worst Makeup Trends That Need to Go Away in 2018
a year ago
2017 was an incredible year for the makeup industry, and brought on tons of new trends, some better than others. Before we get into the worst makeup trends that need to go away in 2018, I'd like to re...