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10 Homemade DIY Eye Masks for Removing Dark Circles
a year ago
Finding a great eye mask can be hard without breaking the bank, and forget spending under $30 if you're planning on shopping at Sephora. Instead, you can make your own homemade DIY eye masks with thes...
Most Iconic 1960s Makeup Trends
a year ago
From eyebrows and eyeliner all the way to lips and foundation, these are the 1960s makeup trends that left their mark on the beauty industry. When it comes to 60s makeup, the first thing that comes to...
DIY Vitamin E Face Masks for Naturally Glowing Skin
a year ago
Creating homemade face masks are some of the best ways to save money, naturally enhance your skin, and have some fun while doing so. With ingredients you wouldn't guess would give you some of the best...
Best Hair Stylists on Instagram to Follow Right Now
a year ago
The beauty community is huge among Instagram, and has endless possibilities for hair inspiration for other stylists, beauty enthusiasts, or just new ideas for your morning routine. Hair is more import...
Best Dry Shampoos to Make Your Hair Smell Great
a year ago
Everyone loves a good dry shampoo, but often times we sacrifice our hair smelling like baby powder for a dry and smooth head. These are a few of the best dry shampoos that will not make you choose. Fr...
Best Brushes for Damaged Hair Every Blonde Needs
a year ago
Blondes, especially blondes who have recently obtained their color, know that their light hair is hard to manage. Because bleach is often used on blonde hair, it can often become damaged. That's why w...