Leilah Gainey

Hello! I'm a passionate writer and cosmetologist, and I'm always looking for ways to inform readers and clients about all the beauty and diversity of products, methods, and tips of the trade!

An Esthetician’s Guide for Skincare
4 days ago
We’ve all wondered how exactly celebrities stay looking as flawless as they do. And we’ve all probably wondered what can we do to get that same supple, smooth, radiant skin without breaking the bank. ...
Store Bought or Salon Shelf?
24 days ago
Have you ever been sitting in a salon chair, eyes closed, relaxing as a hairdresser was applying styling product to your hair just before blow drying? And as she was explaining the product she was usi...
Fact or Fiction: Chopping Off Your Split Ends
a year ago
Coming to you from my bed, watching Netflix, with my hair wrapped in a towel, is my very first article for Vocal. Okay, so, I know most of you guys have heard something similar to, “If you want your h...