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Natural Eyeshadow Palettes That Work with Every Skin Tone
21 days ago
Most of the time, over-the-top eye makeup looks garner a lot more bad attention than they do good. Whether men are painfully aware of the amount of makeup you put on, or your girlfriends are looking a...
Makeup Primers That'll Give You an All Day Look
23 days ago
Makeup primers are one of the most essential steps in your makeup routine. If you don’t use a foundation primer, your makeup is more likely to look cakey, show imperfections, and wear off easily, beca...
Best Primers for Every Skin Type
a month ago
Whether you’re trying to correct the skin underneath your makeup, tint the skin to match your tone, or smooth out the skin, a foundation primer or makeup primer can be a lifesaver. Many makeup beginne...
Beauty Treatments That Are Expensive but Totally Worth It
2 months ago
There are many beauty treatments out there that are expensive and don’t seem to be worth it whatsoever. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on any beauty treatment that’s not going to effect...
Cheap Makeup Brands That Are Just as Good as Designers
2 months ago
If you’re looking for high-quality makeup without the high price tag that many name brand cosmetics come with, there’s no reason to fret. Many drugstore brands provide professional quality products at...
10 Beauty Hacks That Don't Actually Work
3 months ago
There are many beauty hacks that don’t actually work and are being tossed around the internet these days. Women are desperate for beauty tips that will be a quick fix for better skin, smoother hair, a...