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10 Japanese Makeup Brands You Need to Know About
a month ago
Japan has a culture that's devoted to excellent craftsmanship and perfection. It's a country that has wowed the world with a number of artforms, including their cooking, manga, and clothing styles. As...
I Tried HUM’s Daily Cleanse Supplement & Here’s What Happened
2 months ago
If there’s one thing I can honestly say, it’s that I do not exactly have a good diet. Ask anyone who knows me; it’s true. It’s one of those things that I’ve really been ashamed of and have slowly (ver...
What Type of Skin Do You Have? And How Can You Find the Best Products for Your Skin Type?
3 months ago
In middle school and high school, I had a serious skin problem. My acne was off the charts. Every other day, I'd find a new blackhead, a new pustule, or worse, a new cyst, all on my face, waiting to s...
Hottest Makeup Trends of the 1990s
6 months ago
The 90s were a very good time to grow up. I, myself, was a 90s kid. When I was young, I got to see the start of the boom of the internet as well as some of the last "teen classic" years that are so co...
Best Beauty Blender Dupes as Good as the Original
10 months ago
Beauty Blenders have become the de facto beauty tool of the decade, especially when it comes to blending. They are perfect for getting that natural "fade" and flawless look to makeup—but still can do ...
Cheap Skin Care Products That Work Just as Well as the Luxury Brands
a year ago
If there's one beauty-related category that most people will tell you to splurge on, it's skin care. We can always use cheap eyeliner reasonably well, and lip gloss? Well, you can DIY that pretty easi...