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Does hot yoga, has 3 Yorkies and a hamster, and listens to John Mayer religiously.

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The 11 Best Makeup Primers on the Market
8 months ago
Primers are the superhero that your makeup routine needed yesterday! Regardless of whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or blemishes, there is a primer out there for you. The best makeup primers shou...
The 11 Best Nail Polish Brands
8 months ago
The best nail polish brands will give you beautiful shades without chipping. If you’re painting your nails at home, the last thing you want is to have to redo it every other day. It takes time and eff...
How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars
a year ago
Every day, millions of people suffer from the frustration and shame of having pimple scars. While the battle continues on in trying to find a powerful cure that can prevent one hundred percent of brea...
10 Best Makeup Tips for Square-Shaped Faces
a year ago
We're always on the hunt to apply makeup in the best way for the shape of our face. I have a square-shaped face, and if your temples, cheekbones, and the end of your jaw all line up perfectly, then yo...
Best Post-Workout Beauty Tricks We Swear By
a year ago
You can't tell me that you don't look like a sweaty mess after you've worked out. We all look like hot messes after we've accomplished a full-body workout, and this can be both rewarding and gross at ...
Top 10 Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes
a year ago
I have brown eyes, and for those who also have brown eyes, we feel like we have the most boring eye color out there. And honestly... I swear we do. With all the variations of green and blue and hazel,...