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Basics of Face Makeup

10 Step Process of Face Makeup

We all have our own makeup routines and how we apply makeup. I’m here to share my opinion on how makeup should be applied so it can last all day and not look cakey or flakey. This type of makeup application is easy; it’s mainly for if you're in a hurry and can’t do a full on glam. Also if you're just feeling lazy and have a date with your special man or woman, this is the look you wanna go for; makeup is fun and creative you can create anything and look amazing every time even when you have so little on. This 10 step process will take you on a journey to look your best even when you're in a hurry. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Afterwards you will be amazed on how you look with just the right amount of makeup on! Here are some products you will need before starting. Primer mist, damp beauty blender, foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour kit and brush, highlighter, highlighting brush, and setting spray. Other uses include mascara and lipstick. Step 1: Cleanse face. Wash your face with facial scrub or just water to get it hydrated and to take away extra oils. Pat dry. Step 2: Use a moisturizer, face primer, or facial mist as a base for your foundation. Examples: rose water mist (Maybelline baby bliss primer) Step 3: Apply your favorite foundation (Maybelline 24 hour foundation) with a damp beauty blender or a foundation brush such as the Morphe Y6 brush from Step 4: Add concealer (makeup revolution concealer, from Ulta) to your T-zone which is your forehead, a little strip down your nose, under your eyes, Cupid’s bow (above upper lip) and middle of your chin, blend concealer with damp beauty blender. Step 5: Set face with setting powder that matches your foundation. Concealed areas leave alone or set with translucent (white) setting powder. Step 6: Contour your cheek bones. (Example) Urban Decay naked skin contour palette, use lighter shades such as light brown/ tan colors. Move up and down with contouring brush along your cheek bones inching upwards towards forehead along the hairline. Step 7: Add blush on cheek bones using a blush brush (optional). Step 8: Add a highlight. (Example) Jeffree star cosmetics Crystal ball highlighter. Using a highlighting brush, highlight above contour line (upper cheek bone) also add highlight to brow bone, inner corner of the eye, nose and chin. It is optional, just more areas of where you may put more highlight. Step 9: Spray face with setting spray. (Example) Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. Step 10: You're done! You now have the natural look of just face makeup on. Now if you have extra time I’d suggest putting on a lip color; it’ll bring your natural look to a whole other level, especially if it’s bold such as red. You can also add mascara on the eyes to make your eyes pop a little bit. You would want to do these extra steps before setting your face with setting spray, if you already added setting spray that’s okay you can still spray more on after you complete your final steps. And there you have it! 10 steps in achieving a natural look and you're all ready to go on a date, go to the gas station, have a sleep over party with friends, even go shopping with your mom. This look is for everyone as well, it can work with anyone as long as you have the right material you could even do it if you're not that good at makeup, just have the essentials and follow the 10 step natural makeup process and you will succeed.

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Basics of Face Makeup
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