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Being a Consumer in the Beauty Space

The Fall of the Beauty Community (and Mostly an Ode to Jeffree Starr and James Charles)

I have been an avid fan of the beauty community on Youtube since the age of 9. I would sit in my bed on my old and rusty MacBook laptop and watch juicystar07 and macbarbie07 on repeat. This is not an exaggeration. I was so invested in their lives. Not only their lives, but the things they spoke about. Blair Fowler liked an Urban Decay purple eyeshadow? Guess who was begging their mom to take them to Sephora that weekend to spend their birthday money? Me. I did, without even being old enough to wear it. Back then, everything was being done for the first time. All the influencers could be using the same eyeshadows and doing the same brown smokey eyes, but nobody cared, because nobody knew any different.

Some would say that now, the game has changed. People like James Charles and Jeffree Star are taking this game to a new level. They realize that the consumer, people like me, have seen it all before, and in order to stay on top, they need to do something to keep themselves there. There are hundreds of beauty influencers we could watch. They need to make sure we keep coming back to them.

Most beauty influencers who all they do is speak of brands we don't care about and probably have made 20 videos of the same fall makeup tutorial do not understand one thing. The consumer does their everyday makeup the same way and will keep it that way. Unlike them, the consumer spends their hard-earned coin on these products. They do not have 10 foundations that were sent to them for free by a brand; they buy one and after they buy that one, they will no longer watch your foundation review because they no longer need it. Yet, if an influencer is doing a challenge, he/she uses their own bomb foundation every video and suggests you buy it consistently, I will probably/definitely be more inclined to buy it. James and Jeffree understand this. They understand their consumer base and what they are looking for. This is no longer 2010. We have seen it all before. That is why it is so great that these two men are stepping the game so high up. James, on one hand, realizes that we do not need a silly brown smokey eye tutorial and rather well-produced quality creative content. Jeffree realizes that we no longer need reviews on palettes with the same brown and nude colors, that we want something more. Their engagement levels with their audience are so high it is incredibly impressive and anything they touch really has a high chance of selling. They definitely get so many sponsorships each, but I have probably seen both of them do about two. These boys are taking it up, and if everyone else does not follow soon enough, they will fail.

So, as so many people talk about the fall of many beauty influencers in the YouTube space. You need to know that most of these influencers do not know how to manage their brand well. They produce the same sponsorship content that bores the viewer. If every other video that they make has a sponsorship, why do we have any reason to trust what they say when they are getting paid for it? I don’t trust those creators, and neither should you. Those creating mediocre content and bad sponsored videos are just not going to make it nowadays. We have way too many options to watch those influencers. So, all in all, we are in a new day and age of YouTube. With so many videos and creators, we have seen it all before. That is why so many beauty influencers are falling flat on their face. They either do not understand what their consumer wants or keep doing the same old boring things. 

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Being a Consumer in the Beauty Space
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