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Berries and Cream by Dominique Cosmetics

A Review

Disclaimer: This review is based on my preferences, hence making it a very subjective opinion. Thus, please take everything I have to say with a grain of salt. Also, this review is intended to help buyers who are on the fence regarding the product, so they can make an informed decision. It is better to buy something that you will keep and use, rather than to return it, and burden the environment even more. I already am guilty of it, perhaps I can help others not to do the same?

Packaging: 0.75/1

It irks me whenever the sleeve design does not match the actual palette packaging. Generally, the sleeve has a much more attractive design than the actual palette face (ahem Kylie Cosmetics ahem). On a positive note with the Berries and Cream palette itself, the packaging is pleasing. On a negative note, the palette seems cuter online, but I preferred the sleeve design in real life.

The point being, why not keep the sleeve, and palette exactly the same. So customers don’t end up lamenting the waste of a good design on the sleeve. The very same sleeve which most likely will end up in the trash, way before the actual palette.

Or better yet, just have a common sleeve for all your palettes across the board.

Colour Story and Theme: 0.5/1

To be very honest, I don’t think this palette needed to be more than eight shadows, ten at the most. As you can see in the above picture, I have crossed out four shadows. These shadows are essentially something that you would find in any given everyday normal palette.

As such, I believe that these normal shades do not belong in this palette for the following reasons:

  1. There are two customer bases for this palette. A loyal fan base, and a purple colour lover base. This palette attempts to please both ends. But the thing is, hazarding a guess that Dominique has a neutral eyelook fan base. She already gave them that in spades with the Latte palette.
  2. This is still at fifty percent, a bold palette. Having said that, either customer base that purchases this palette is most likely a collector. That goes to mean you probably already have a few neutral warm tone “travel friendly” palette.

Even so, half of the “wearable” shadows does not make it a travel friendly palette. If anything half of the bold shadows makes it a non travel friendly palette. It defies logic that while having a plethora of entirely beige palettes, this is the one, I myself, or anyone else would pick to travel with,

Perhaps a raspberry mousse over a chocolate mousse? Maybe a strawberry pie over warm pie? And yes I am aware that strawberry isn’t actually a berry. But it’s placed right next to the other berries in the grocery store.

The point being, I would have preferred the palette to have just consisted of eight-ten shadows with a lower price tag. Or have had the wearable shadows switched to other theme related colours.

Application: 0.75/1

There were only two shadows I had a problem applying. And it was the very two which draws your attention to them, Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Juice. Both for me were patchy and hard to build. Which btw are close dupes two shadows in the Latte palette.

Apart from that, I did enjoy using the rest of the shadows. All of them were pigmented, buildable, and blendable.

Last but not least, the blackberry, a black matte. I use a black eyeshadow for my brows, and at the moment I am using the one from ABH’s Prism palette. I personally still prefer the ABH matte for everyday use, because it gives me instant pigment and I can be done with my brows in a jiff. But I did appreciate that Berries and Cream black matte, as it was a buildable one. There’s no chance of overdrawing your brows and making them look as if you have a caterpillar on top of your eyes.

Wearability: 1/1

Super impressed with the wear time. Truly. I slept with it on (a cat nap), and it was still on. Faded but still pretty, and did not require any touch-ups. Unless you wanted it.

And there were other times when I had it on for seven-eight hours. And it still was on strong.

Keep or Return: 0/1

Unfortunately, I did return it. One of the main reasons was those two shadows not working for me. The very same ones which I later realized were close to two bold ones in the Latte palette (which I own).

The other was that, when I had it in my hands it became obvious how many of the same/similar shadows I already have. The online pics of the packaging makes the colour story seem more unique than it actually is.

Conclusion: Score 3/5

I have come to a conclusion as a palette collector, to only keep palettes that I love. Ones which I will crack open often. And that is why I try my best to look at reviews from people with similar taste or skin type as me. To avoid buying anything unworkable for me, let alone return it. But once a blue moon I make mistakes.

Having said that, it’s not that the palette did not work for me. Ten shadows did work well on my lids. But almost all of the shadows in the palette, I already have dupes for them. So I did not see the point of keeping a palette I knew, would collect dust in my stash.

While this particular palette was not for me, I do look forward from DC to bring out new things. I do love the brand’s aesthetic overall, and will most definitely wait to buy from the brand in the future when the drop something that is meant for me.

Shadow Description

Top Row:

  • Warm Pie: A brick red matte with gold glitter
  • Chocolate Mousse: A brown matte
  • Sweet Cream: A white matte
  • Toasted: A mauve tone matte
  • Bittersweet: A purple matte
  • Soft n’ Sweet: A tan matte

Bottom Row:

  • Honey Dipped: Gold shimmer
  • Sugar Cookie: White Shimmer
  • Cranberry: Purple shimmer
  • Blueberry Muffin: Dark blue matte
  • Cherry Juice: Deep dark purple matte
  • Blackberry: Black Matte 

Some Alternatives You May Want to Pursue or Look Into

  1. The Purple Palette by Kylie Cosmetics: I do not have the KC Purple palette personally. But from what I can gather from the electronic visual, I think it has a much more cohesive purple colour scheme.
  2. Paradise Fallen by Ace Beaute: Again a much more appealing purple palette from online visuals. But I have heard mixed reviews on this collection. So personally, I would not take the risk where I cannot return something at a store stat.
  3. Lila by Natasha Denona: An iconic product it seems. Personally, do not own this particular palette. But I do prefer my Natasha Denona neutral palette over my Latte palette.
  4. Mini Lila by Natasha Denona: This ironically has the three core colours from Berries and Cream. A cheaper upfront option, unless you pan your palettes in due time.
  5. Amethyst by Huda Beauty: Did not like it personally. But my friends did. Again both, cheaper upfront and more purple colours.
  6. The Affinity Palette by Certifeye: Just a neutral mention.
  7. Liasion by Viseart: Another neutral mention.
  8. James Charles Palette by Morphe: Cheaper with more options.
  9. It’s My Pleasure by Colourpop: This will be on my next CP order. Hopefully, it works out better for moi. Fingers crossed.
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Berries and Cream by Dominique Cosmetics
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