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Best Gifts for Makeup Lovers You Can Buy for Them

Know someone who's obsessed with glam? If you present her with any of these gifts for makeup lovers, she'll love you more than makeup... probably not.

Once someone starts getting into makeup... there's no going back. Discovering the art of contouring, cut creasing, highlighting, and all that good stuff can change someone. They start learning more and practicing until they've created the most airbrushed makeup looks ever. But aside from perfectly applying on makeup... all the colors! No one is fixated on a few colors to use on her eyelids or on his lips. There's a huge range of colors, tones, shades, and even textures to choose. From pastels to neons, glitter, and metallic, there are colors that people enjoy experimenting with and testing out for the first time—whether it's a hit or miss. Makeup is viewed as a form of art, not so much concealing one's true beauty, but rather enhancing that beauty.

So, for that confident makeup artist that you love so dearly, buy her something that she'll absolutely use for her birthday or a special holiday. And trust me, as a beauty addict myself, I couldn't be anymore thankful than receiving gifts related to makeup. No makeup lover can have enough makeup or anything related to makeup—we really want more. I highly suggest you buy your friend any of these ideal gifts for makeup lovers; she wouldn't be able to thank you enough.

Peacock Vintage Oval Hand/Table Mirror by Ivenf

Let's start off with this seriously stunning hand/table mirror. Even if your friend may already have a mirror, no one can ever have enough mirrors. But this specific mirror is truly a statement piece. Just look at how beautifully decorated and detailed this is! Aside from a makeup addict, how can anyone not be in awe when gifted this mirror?

For a shockingly affordable price, this vintage mirror is made out of machine-made metal with manually fill-in colors. But the best part of this mirror is the elegant colors and the precise detailing of the peacock’s majestic tail spreading. This mirror can be straightened out for handholding or folded for placing on the table. Let your friend get a taste of luxury when applying makeup on while using this mirror. 

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner by Blinbling

Cleaning makeup brushes can be so time consuming and an actual struggle to do. While cleaning brushes, there can be leftover soap residue, or the brushes take forever to dry. Don't let your friend continue to dwell over this any longer. Give him one of the most useful gifts for makeup lovers: an electric makeup brush cleaner!

Even though it may look and sound complicated, it’s actually super easy to use. Simply insert your brush into the spinner, switch it on, and spin your brush into the bowl of half-filled water and soap. Using this will get all dirt, oils, makeup residue, and dead skin cells out of your brush. And once you’re done, slowly lift the brush out of the water, but keep it in the bowl and allow it to continue spinning in the bowl until every drop of water is off of your brush! This is ideal for any type of makeup brush, too.

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm by Clinique

How does your friend remove her makeup? With soap and water? Low quality makeup wipes? Don't let her continue using any of those methods. Instead, show her what a real makeup remover is by giving her Clinique's massively popular makeup remover product—Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm! It's also seen to be one of the best gifts for makeup lovers.

Allow your friend to scoop out a little onto her fingers and go to town with it. It melts any type of makeup right off of the face. From waterproof products to glitters, and even matte lipsticks, it gets everything right off. And once your friend is finished rubbing the balm over every inch of her face, she can rinse it all off and follow up with a facial cleanser.

Silicone Sponge Set by STSTECH

Every single makeup lover out there knows what beauty blenders are and the purpose of them. But, they also know how much product these beauty sponges absorb. Your friend can save a lot of money by using little  product with these silicone sponges, which are the perfect dupes for beauty blenders. Since they're not actual sponges, the silicone material doesn't absorb any products at all while using them—and I'm sure those who constantly wear makeup want that.

Your friend would use these silicone sponges just as how she would use any type of beauty blender. And these sponges are super easy to clean up, too, simply using water and soap or even wiping them down to get every product off.

Soft Red Lips by Sunday&May

These red lips pillow really grabbed my attention and I just had to include it on the list of perfect gifts for makeup lovers... because they're big, luscious lips! Any makeup addict would love to place this pillow on their bed or even on their living room couch. Not only does it stand out, but it's super soft and great to cuddle with.

The pillow is made with the best, durable cotton linen material that won’t rip easily. For your friend's birthday, give her this stunning pillow to remind her that lips are meant to be bold and stand out among other facial features.

Makeup Brush Drying Holder by XREXS

Does your friend know that makeup brushes are supposed to be hung upside down once finished washing them? Not only will the water drip down from the bristles, but residue won't seep into the roots of the bristles. As something that all makeup users need, buy him this makeup brush holder. 

Among the most useful gifts for makeup lovers to get, this brush holder will make all of your friend's brushes dry completely and in an instant. The holder features silicone openings for a better grip and will prevent the brushes from falling down. The brush holder also includes a base to catch any fallen drops of water.

Hello Gorgeous Cosmetic Bag by Designs by Maria Inc

This makeup pouch just screams glamour with the full eyelashes printed on one side and the back side states "Hello Gorgeous." Whether your friend travels a lot or just needs a bag to store extra makeup products in, this is the perfect gift for her.

Anyone who's into makeup will find this cosmetics bag to be super adorable, stylish, and handy. With a high quality gold zipper to keep everything locked inside, the interior features a stunning pink satin lining for an extra pop of color when opening the pouch. This bag can fulfill all of your friend’s storing needs when it comes to traveling. Because we all know how annoying it is to travel with makeup.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip by Sephora Collection

Any type of collection from Sephora is actually a slice of heaven for makeup addicts. Because not only are you getting multiple products, but each product is from a different brand! And among the best gifts for makeup lovers and one of the most popular collections is this Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip kit.

If your friend is super into lipsticks, lip glosses, or any lip product as a whole, this is an amazing collection. It comes with Urban Decay Mini Naked Revolution Lipstick, Nars Deluxe Orgasm Lip Gloss, Buxom Mini Full On Lip Cream in White Russian, Marc Jacobs Mini Lust for Lacquer in Kissability, Deluxe Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil in Meritage, and a full-sized Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in Pout. Even though the majority of these lip products are the small versions, they're still very long lasting. Plus, these six brands are top in quality as well as pigmentation.

Beauty Blender Holders by Teenitor

Don't you just hate it after washing your beauty blender, you try to make a stand or a spot for your sponge to properly dry? Or what about after using your beauty blender, your foundation-covered sponge makes a mess in your makeup tray, right? Beauty blenders need space, too, and it's certainly not a spot by your makeup brushes. That's why this three-pack beauty blender holder is the ideal gift for any makeup user who hates getting foundation on other makeup products from the used beauty blender sponge.

Even though this is one of the best gifts for makeup lovers to use after applying foundation, these holders are the perfect drying stands after giving your sponge a good wash. Also, the beauty blender holder can cradle the beauty sponge and separate it from getting foundation or other product on any other makeup product. Finally, a spot where just the beauty blender can be. While it's made with iron, it's also plated with rose gold for a more stunning appearance. And they don't easily rust, making these long lasting. 

Multi-function Oval Makeup Brushes Set by Beauty Kate

Does your friend know about the oval makeup brushes that's being praised all over the beauty world? And how expensive the real set really is? What about getting your good friend a much cheaper alternative than the real ones? Among the greatest gifts for makeup lovers, these oval makeup brushes by Beauty Kate work just as amazing as the real oval brushes. Maybe even more for the best makeup brushes you can get on Amazon.

Silky soft with dense bristles, these oval brushes can easily help buff out foundation, contour, and highlighter is a breeze. And the bristles don't cause any steaks on your face after applying foundation, either. Rose gold with black brush handles, your friend will always have a flawless finish after using any of these oval makeup brushes to apply makeup on. The set comes with brushes ideal for foundation, contour, highlighter, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lips, and much more. You friend is basically getting an awesome set for a super cheap price. 

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay Cosmetics

Honestly, if you buy a makeup lover setting spray... it'll be the best gift they've ever received. No makeup user can get enough of setting sprays, they run out of one every two weeks! And stocking up on setting sprays is something they always want to do, just in case their one and only setting spray runs out. Therefore, you should certainly consider gifting her setting spray.

But don't gift your friend just any ordinary setting spray; Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray is almost every makeup addicts' favorite spray. It's basically their go-to when quickly finishing up their glamorous faces. Since it hydrates, refreshes makeup, and keeps makeup on longer, All Nighter setting spray is loved by numerous people out there. And if your friend happens to never use this setting spray, you can get them into it right now! It's literally life changing. Also, it's among the makeup products for beginners.

Beauty Coffee Mug by Crazy Cool Mugs

While this is the last product among the all-time best gifts for makeup lovers you can purchase, this mug is ideal for anyone who loves makeup. Whether your friend enjoys drinking coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or simply has a passion in collecting unique mugs, then this mug is the perfect choice. Aside from satisfying your friend's hot beverage needs, it features a hilarious and accurate phrase on the center: "Better late than ugly." Every makeup lover can agree to this.

Sturdy, durable, and microwave safe, your friend can use this mug for so many things. It's also the perfect mug for sipping tea by the fire place or while reading a book... or doing makeup. Plus, the print won't fade quickly after washing the mug multiple times. So, the phrase will constantly be on the mug no matter how long your friend uses it for all of her hot drinks.

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Best Gifts for Makeup Lovers You Can Buy for Them
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