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Best Hair Dryers for Thin Hair That Add Volume

Want your thin hair to look thicker than ever? Try out any of these awesome hair dryers for thin hair for more volume!

As for someone who has thin hair herself, it's literally the worst. When we want to style our hair with anything, from flat irons to curling irons, our hair will still look thin. In fact, it looks more thin even after styling it. Since we're pressing down on our hair with any hair appliance, this causes our hair to be and look even more thin. And most of us look past using a blow dryer, because we believe that they won't give us the best results compared to the other hair appliances. However, hair dryers are actually way better at styling your hair and giving you that thick-hair illusion.

Hair dryers in general can give any hair much more volume. Since they're designed to "blow out" hair, it's common sense to use it for added volume into your hair. Even if you have thin hair, hair dryers can be your best friend when it comes to styling without flattening out your hair. Also, keep in mind that not all hair dryers are ideal for all types of hair. There are dryers that work wonders for thick hair and then there are hair dryers specially meant for us thin-haired individuals. So, if you want to take a shot, these are the absolute best hair dryers for thin hair to style your hair with added volume!

W8Less 2000 Watt Dryer by Rusk

Rusk is an amazing haircare brand and their hair dryer is seriously a lifesaver for those who possess thin hair. It’s ridiculously lightweight; it even says so in the name “W8Less.” This is what thin haired people need, the lightweight blow dryers. This way, it doesn’t put too much heated pressure into your hair, possibly damaging it.

Infused with ceramic and tourmaline, this hair dryer has an ionic generator that emits millions of negative ions. With this, it results to a shine while reducing drying time. There are three heat settings and two speeds, a cool shot button in addition, and they’re all coated in a styled cubic print finish. 

Professional BABP6685N Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer by Conair

Anyone who owns any form of haircare appliance knows what Conair is. And while we know what the brand is, we also know how amazing Conair works for our hair. From their flat iron to the curling iron, their hair dryer is no different to the amazing work the others do. As for this specific hair dryer, it's easily one of the best hair dryers for thin hair.

Soft to the touch and housed with rubber for a more secure grip, this Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 hair dryer is super easy to work with if you’re aiming to really style your hair. This hair dryer performs gently while still giving you the results you’re looking for. While it generates clouds of natural ions to get rid of static, it also leaves your once frizzy hair sleek and smooth with a shine, too. It’s also pretty lightweight and won’t burn your thin hair.

T Studio Thermaluxe Pro Series Hair Dryer by Remington

Among the greatest hair dryers for thin hair, this is a really stylish-looking hair dryer. The sleekness of this dryer will certainly give you sleekness to your hair as well. Remington's hair dryer is known to dry your hair without giving you any damage. Lightweight and super easy to handle, this dryer prevents any form of heat damage and won't cause any frizzing at all. Even when you're drying your hair from soaking wet to fully dry, your hair will look smooth and put together rather than frizzy.

This specific hair dryer is advanced in thermal technology that optimizes heat levels in order to refrain heat damage and immediately give your hair the style of your choice… for up to 24 hours! This means that once you’ve perfectly styled your hair, it won’t die down after a few hours like many hair dryers out there. While this dryer contains a powerful motor, it’s still pretty gentle on your thin hair and will certainly maximize the volume in your hair.

1875W Volumizing Hair Dryer by Revlon

In all things haircare, Revlon can be your new favorite brand. Among the all-time greatest hair dryers for thin hair that you can purchase, the brand's 1875W Volumizing hair dryer can seriously do wonders for your hair. I'm taking about styling it to a T without the heat damage and flattening your hair to make it look even more thin. And for us thin-haired people, we really don't want that.

Revlon knows exactly what to provide for us when it comes to adding volume and this hair dryer is the best thing that they created. This hair dryer distributes heat precisely without ruining a single strand as well as giving your hair a shiny appearance. It also makes your hair appear much healthier than ever before even when styling it! With three different heat settings and two speed settings, you can control the amount of heat you’re putting onto your hair when simply blowing it out. Not to mention that the look of this hair dryer is definitely eye-catching.

Full Volume Hair Dryer by John Frieda

Talk about eye-catching, this hair dryer is the future of hair dryers! And amazing haircare brand John Frieda has created one of the most high-advanced hair dryers that will literally blow you away. With a titanium ceramic coating, it's ideal in drying, styling, and shining your hair in the best possible ways. While John Frieda's hair dryer doesn't cause any heat damage, it adds immense volume into your hair and immediately shines as you're drying your thin hair.

The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, modern design, sleek, and totally safe to use, you'll always get long-lasting results every time you use this. With heat and speed control, this hair dryer fights off the worst frizz and John Frieda doesn't lie when he says that his dryer is the ultimate "professional in heat styling."

Red Healthy Ionic 3900 Hair Dryer by Elchim

Bring fire straight onto your hair! And I don't mean the heat that this hair dryer gives off but the stunning vibrant red coating it possesses. As one of the best hair dryers for thin hair you can buy for yourself, this hair dryer is very gentle and won't damage your hair at all. And I know for those of us who have thin hair, we fear that a hair dryer will burn our hair. But trust me on this, as intense as this hair dryer looks, it's gives the greatest results to those with thin hair.

The Elchim is an ionic ceramic system that's actually the most silent in its category! It’s also very lightweight and contains a protection system from EMF. While it’s a powerful blow dryer, this doesn’t mean that it’ll put a lot of heat onto your hair. It’s equipped with the right features to cause your hair to look shiny and feel silky smooth! Plus, this hair dryer is Elchim’s most praised one.

Pro Dryer 2000 by Harry Josh

From the best hair dryers for thin hair, Harry Josh is easily one of the most underrated haircare brands to this day. The brand creates some of the best tools and appliances to constantly make your hair game on point. And just look at the hair dryer itself... it's adorable! In the most gorgeous pastel green ever, its performance is amazing, too.

While this precise hair dryer is a winner of Allure’s “Best of Beauty Award” for three consecutive years, you can just tell from that that this dryer is no joke. It offers customized sleek and voluminous styling within every use. Not to mention that it’s the most powerful hair dryer in its class. It also works astonishingly for those who have thin hair, because it definitely won’t damage your hair and your thin hair will look so much more thicker after using it. 

Pro Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer by BaByliss

Now I personally have this hair dryer and I can surely say that it's one of the all-time best hair dryers for thin hair ever. While it's compact and powerful, you won't believe how gentle it is to your hair. For someone who actually has thin hair, my hair always looks amazing after blowing it out with this hair dryer. It doesn't frizz my hair after drying soaking wet hair and the texture feels phenomenal after each use.

Negative ions in this hair dryer eliminate static and it also reduces hair drying time, which means your hair will fully dry much faster than any regular hair dryer. With six heat settings and speeds, the rubberized housing is ideal for gripping and prevents the dryer from slipping out of your hands. For thin hair, you'll constantly get thick-looking and stylish hair when using Pro Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer by BaByliss. 

CHI for Ulta Beauty Pink Pro Dryer by CHI

Need more color to your hair appliances? From the more vibrant-looking hair dryers for thin hair, CHI's hair dryer works effortlessly when styling your hair to your liking. For starters, CHI is an iconic haircare brand that creates everything in the field, like their amazing rotating curler. And their hair dryers lay in the popular section because of how amazing they are for any type of hair.

However, as for thin hair, CHI's CHI for Ulta Beauty Pink Pro Dryer is your best choice when it comes to the famous brand. Despite the fact that it's drench in the most appealing pink we've ever seen, it's seen as a professional hair dryer that creates negative ions for shinier and smooth hair. Lightweight with a silicone seal, drying your hair with this won't completely dry out and brittle your hair, but locks in moisture for a smoother finish.

Soft Touch Hair Dryer by Conair

Conair Soft Touch Hair Dryer
Enjoy salon-quality results using this Conair hair dryer.

Lastly, but surely not least among the fantastic hair dryers for thin hair you can purchase is Conair's Soft Touch Hair Dryer. We all know how awesome Conair is, and this is another one of their best hair dryers for thin hair. Just like what it says in its name, this dryer is soft to the touch! While it's very powerful in styling and locking everything in place, it doesn't put any intense heat onto your hair that can cause damages.

Bright red with a metallic finish, this hair dryer features a non-slip grip for easy use and it's lightweight. The tourmaline ceramic technology prevents frizz and your natural shine will always come through after using this. This specific dryer also includes concentrator and diffuser attachments!

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Best Hair Dryers for Thin Hair That Add Volume
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