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Best Hair Stylists on Instagram to Follow Right Now

These are the top ten best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now that are sure to inspire your creativity.

The beauty community is huge among Instagram, and has endless possibilities for hair inspiration for other stylists, beauty enthusiasts, or just new ideas for your morning routine. Hair is more important to a look than it seems, and that's why these Instagrams have grown cult-like followings. 

The most up to date, unique, and versatile styles can be found on these pages. These are the top ten best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now that will spark the most creativity for your future styling. 

Guy Tang

To start off this list of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, Guy Tang is an internet personality that is adored by his 1.8 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 million Instagram followers. His personality is what drew in his initial popularity, as his most popular YouTube video of an ombre step by step tutorial has over 6 million views. 

His Instagram feed is no different than his YouTube channel, and has grown even further in followers. With videos, pictures, and product suggestions, his page is filled with inspirational color transformations, vibrancy, and the ultimate stylings.  

You can follow him @guy_tang.

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is another hair stylist page that has a large following from the YouTube community. Luxy Hair has their own brand of clip-in hair extensions and gives their buyers limitless options for styling thick, beautiful hair with their products. 

Even if you have short, thin hair, their Instagram page will give you the inspiration you need to amp up any hair type. We couldn't forget to mention their Instagram color aesthetic, and how beautiful their page looks with a constant theme, high-quality photos, and outdoor sceneries that will take your breath away. As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, you can't beat Luxy Hair's page.  

You can follow them @luxyhair.

Rita Hazan

A well-known hair colorist from New York, Rita Hazan owns a NYC salon and her own hair care line. The celebrity colorist is known most for working with Oprah and Beyoncé. Her care line has also been seen in beauty magazines like Elle, AllureUS, InStyle, and Glamour. 

She has been doing hair since she was 17 and as one of the most inspirational Instagrams in the beauty community you can follow. Her page includes examples of her work with celebrities. 

You can follow her @ritahazan.

Jen Atkin

One of the most well-known celebrity stylists on social media, Jen Atkin's page is filled with funny, inspirational, personal, and quality posts.

As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, Atkin has worked with celebrities like the Kardashians sisters, Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, and Sofia Vergara. 

You can follow her @jenatkin.

Aura Friedman

With her styles being featured in Vogue Japan, Modern Luxury, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Cover, Allure, Teen Vogue, Playboy, and many, many more, Aura Friedman is not only a hair stylist, but a colorist, salon owner, creative director, and visionary.

As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram, this page is one for the books. Find celebrities, new hair stylists, creative photographs, and much more. 

You can follow her @auracolorist.

Kayley Melissa

Kayley Melissa is yet another Instagram stylist who has a great YouTube channel. As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, Kayley is a fun stylist full of personality. 

She uses her Instagram account as a platform to reach her 107k followers with new styles for both long and short hair. Each post is as beautiful as the next with tons of curls and even more braids. 

You can follow her @kayleymelissa.

Shelley Gregory

Shelley Gregory Hair is not only an Instagram page but a salon in Las Vegas most known for its extremely beautiful color styling. With before and after photos, transformations with zero damage, and vibrant color combinations, this Instagram is one that will inspire any stylist. 

You can follow her @shelleygregoryhair.

Scotty Cunha

Scotty Cunha has a success story like no other. From working at Starbucks to being the newest addition to the Kardashian's Glam Squad, what more could a stylist dream of? 

As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, Cunha's page is filled with personal moments, style captures, and celebrities. 

You can follow him @thescottycunha.


HAIRLIKEaBOSS is one of the most fun pages to follow if you're looking for some styling inspiration. As one of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, HAIRLIKEaBOSS is the page behind the famous salon in West Springfield. 

With 28.8k followers, the page deserves even more recognition for the unique coloring, fun photos, and styling inspiration. 

You can follow them @hairlikeaboss.


To complete our list of the best hair stylists on Instagram to follow right now, jaymz.marsters is certainly not the least of these pages. 

With pictures of color ombre, hidden hints of vibrant color, and even unique styles, this is a page that deserves love. With 64.1k followers, this Instagram is expected to grow even more due to its quality content for fellow stylists and hair lovers. 

You can follow her @jaymz.marsters.

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Best Hair Stylists on Instagram to Follow Right Now
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