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Best of Beauty 2017!

Stay flawless in 2018.

1. Fresh Seaberry Oil Cleanser

I can honestly and wholeheartedly say I have NO idea what I was doing with my life before I found this cleanser. The thing I love about this cleanser is one; that it’s an oil and feels luxurious on your face when you stumble on home less sober than you'd care to admit at 2 AM, not wanting to make an attempt at taking your smokey eye off. Two; it literally MELTS away all eye makeup, including waterproof mascara (and I LAYYYERR that stuff up), and thirdly; it is not in the slightest harsh to the touch. From someone that has sensitive skin—bold-faced flare ups and all—I can truthfully say that this gives me life. I have tried amazing cleansers such as Lancome’s Radiance cleanser, Purity by Philosophy, Clean and Clear over the years and the list goes on…and noneee of these compare to this oil. I will say, however, I would not recommend for acne prone skin because I do not have acne prone skin and it gave ME tiny under-the-surface zits. My main concern is keeping my skin hydrated and healthy though, and because it has Seaberry in it, its main focus is to moisturize whilst cleansing. If you are looking for something that will brighten the skin and fight breakouts, look no further than the Radiance Cleanser by Lancome.

2. Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe

I received this as part of my Christmas gift from tha folks this year and I was SHOCKED with the massive amount of pigment in this palette. This quality is unreal and for one of the most affordable palettes out there (I mean, it’s literally estimated a dollar per shadow), you cannot go wrong. I feel like I was insanely late to the game on this one because I believe she released the palette In July. But "better late than never" is definitely applicable here. The vast amounts of makeup looks you can create will wow you into buying this product alone. There are an array of blues and aquas for glammed up beach vibes in the summer and my personal favorite pigment, "Chip," which I sported New Years Eve as a festive smokey look, is the one she compacted with fine glitter. She states in a YouTube video that you should apply this shadow with a dense flat wet brush so that it doesn’t slip and slide and you don’t experience fallout. But if applied correctly, it’s my personal favorite shadow in there. I got more compliments on that eye look than I’d probably ever gotten. Seriously, go buy it; you won’t be sorry.

3. Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Serum

OK, so I feel like I could write a ballad on this, and I really don’t want to make this list as long as 2017 felt so I’m just going to give you the gist: this is my dream come true serum…soon to be yours, too. But seriously, this serum motivates me to get up in the morning just so I can put it on. It’s for anti-aging and, although I’m starting to get up there in my 20s, I mainly use it for re-texturizing. It is for any age group, so keep that in mind, as well. However, since I’ve used it day and night, I do notice a MASSIVE improvement in the amounts of texture I've had on my face. My face went from cobblestone road to smooth sailing pavement. I’ve also noticed a brightening effect and, of course, a slight (but quite slight because it’s not a magic potion) decrease in fine lines. I apply it to the eye area before applying my daily eye cream as well. I will say you need to apply it fast because it dries out fast overall and shortly after apply a good moisturizer because it has that skin tightening feeling most anti-aging products are known to sustain. All in all, 11/10: would recommend.

4. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-replenisher

Ok, so I guess I’m just a dramatic person or I fall in love with THINGS more easily as opposed to PEOPLE, but this may have stole the show for me for skincare 2017. I am unsure if I can even call this an item of 2017 (whoops…may have cheated here) because I picked it up on boxing day. I guess you could call it 2017 but it came out very late December and FYI, Sephora isn’t selling it in stores; it’s only online right now. I digress, this is amazing because I have THE driest alligator skin in the world and it quenches its thirst like all of moisture surge products from Clinique, HOWEVER, unlike the rest where I’d have to reapply every four hours because yes, it’s THAT bad, this saves you from that unnecessary energy consumption. It is a lazy girl like ME's miracle invention. After washing your face you apply some and it can last you 72 hours, people! Even once you wash your face, the moisturizer has your back for 72 hours. This is a genius holy grail product. And I will say they’re not lying—I feel the plumpness of my face after all that time and there IS a greater difference than with other moisturizers. I will say you’ll get the best result if you also have dehydrated skin (like me) because it’s targeting that audience.

5. St. Tropez Sunless Tanner Express—Mousse

I loved this in the summer and I’m still using this now because, naturally, yo girl is pale AF. What really makes this product worth your while is the fact that you have complete control over your tan. If you keep it on for one hour, it’ll be a light one, 2: medium, and 3: dark. I go for three because I like it best, but it’s completely up to you. I will say one negative to this is that it washes off in two to three washes, and for the price point, that may be a dealbreaker for you. I use the mousse, but recently was told by a cashier at my local drugstore that the mist is even better and helps you get at the back area better. SOOOO, like the beauty addict I am, I had to pick that up to see for myself.

6. Kat Von D Shade and Light—Cream

I thought nothing could be better than the Shade and Light Kat Von D kit for contouring until I met its identical twin; they look the same, but there’s just one that’s always a BITTTT hotter than the other. That, for me, is the cream one. Of course, it’s all about preference. I have dry skin, so using a cream helps a sista out, which is why I prefer Cole Sprouse to Dylan Sprouse, HBU?

The idea of its blendability honestly scared me at first because it’s a cream and sometimes they don’t work out as you’d like them to. But, Kat Von D is two for two on this one.

7. "Birthday Suit" Tarteist Liquid Lip

I fell in love with this product when I got it as a free birthday gift in its miniature-sized glory and your girl fell in love with it enough to spend money her broke a$$ didn’t have to buy the full-sized one when she lost it at work (RIP). I always love Tarte's formula for liquid lip—they do an excellent job with coverage and consistency—but I was truly feeling some typa way because of the color. It’s perfect if you’re tanned, pale as ice, or deep-toned. Flattering on all! It’s legitimately my favorite off-brown nude yet. A+ Tarte. Bravo.

8. Becca Lip gloss Opal X Jade

I am impressed with this gloss because, although when these glosses were released there were a huge variation in shimmers and the holographic-ness of it all, there was nothing quite like this on the market before. There are flakes of icy blue and then golden tones but, somehow, it works? And is like, very high-key wearable? Who would’ve thought? I think this stands out in a crowd while somehow being subtle.

9. Nicole Guerriero Highlight Kit

My face wore this like a veil alllll through the summer. I got so many friends to pick this up and get hooked on it, too. I love it because it was Anastasia Beverly Hills' first highlight kit that was more glitter than glimmer and shine. So you look more sparkly as opposed to sweaty. And on top of that there are so many shades for every skin tone. Even when tanned, I can put the lightest shade on and, somehow, it works. Although, with a palette this amazing, the best thing to do is wet your brush and swirl all the colors, because you want them all to get the love they deserve before applying. Pro tip: apply to CLEAN fingers, then face to get the best highlight with this palette.

10. Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

The main reason I love this foundation is for its basic simplicity: it’s a stick and, like I said, your girl is lazy. I don’t want to put effort into a step like foundation when there’s contouring and eyeshadow to do, that’s MADNESS! So I like the compactness of this stick and the fact that it glides on like a dream. The shade range is crazy good, but it’s mainly the packaging that I love, and the fact that I never like stick foundations much, but this one works for me. There’s something about the majority of stick foundations—they just don’t work as well. But this one surprised me! Another great thing about it is, of course, depending on what shades you get, you can contour and highlight with them in a snap, too. I’ll also say, the coolest thing about this foundation was the technology behind it. Like, first of all, when I read that on the bottle, I was confused as hell because what makeup has TECHNOLOGY written on the packaging unless it's airbrush?! But Hourglass never ceases to amaze. The formula to this is one that goes with your skin temperature, so depending on how cool or hot you get, it will stay all day no matter what. It’s the equivalent to a Swell water bottle…for your face.

Those were my highlights for beauty 2017! What were yours?!

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Best of Beauty 2017!
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