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Best Purple Shampoos for Ombre Hair

Want to bring out the best of your blonde ombre? Test out any of these best purple shampoos for ombre hair to enhance its golden color.

Ombre hair is essentially a style of hair dye that's created to look like a fade from brown to blonde. It can also be blonde to brown, brown to blue, blonde to pink, and so on. It's a stunning fade from one hair color to another towards the bottom. And usually, blonde dye is used for ombre hair. Those with blonde ombre hair are always looking for ways to enhance the golden hues in their hair. By washing the hair with regular shampoo, this can fade the luscious blonde color and for someone who recently got their hair done... they don't want this. 

What you need is the ideal purple shampoo to continuously keep your blonde ombre looking stunning and golden! It's a great way to care for your ombre. No other shampoo will help you with that but purple shampoos. Purple shampoos are designed to keep all types of blonde hair looking radiant and shiny. So, if you're looking to keep your ombre looking vibrant, these are the best purple shampoos for ombre hair to consider trying out. Your ombre will always look freshly done with any of these purple shampoos.

Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico

Haircare brand Joico is among the best brands that create purple shampoos for blonde hair. And their Color Balance Purple Shampoo is certainly ideal for any type of blonde ombre. Gently cleanse your hair while it brings out the yellow tones in your ombre. Even though Joico’s purple shampoo is specifically designed to fix the blonde in your hair, it comes with other great benefits, too.

This purple shampoo isn’t among best purple shampoos for ombre hair for nothing. Not only does it tone-correct pigments, but it fights against frizz, repairs broken strands, protects hair from heat, and adds shine after every use. The Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex also helps protect the blonde color from fading into a dull-looking color.

'Blonde Ale' Brightening Shampoo by Drybar

Drybar is a phenomenal haircare brand that’s products bring out the best in all types of hair. From brunette curls to blonde waves, you can never go wrong with any Drybar product. And this makes their Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo one of the best choices in enhancing the colors in your blonde ombre. While it features a purple formula that prevents discoloration in blonde ombre and highlighted hair, it’s also super gentle that still keeps the hair looking natural, even with the ombre! And this is also one of the best shampoos if you have thinning hair.

To bring out shine and deep cleanse at the same time, your hair will always look healthy and fresh through the product’s top-quality formula. The Brightening Shampoo includes scent notes of ginger, mint, and sandalwood for a refreshing smell after every wash. It’s best if you use this about twice a week to always revive the gold hues in your blonde ombre. 

EverPure Blonde Shampoo by L'Oreal

L'Oreal kills it in all this beauty, and their haircare line brings all things amazing to your hair. And if you have a blonde ombre going on, than I discovered one of the best purple shampoos for ombre hair for you to use right now. The EverPure Blonde is an astonishing purple shampoo that deep cleanses and balances out the tones in your blonde ombre. It brings maximum hydration to your hair which welcomes shine and softness!

If you’re searching for a purple shampoo with a light formula, but brings intensity to the blonde in your hair, L’Oreal’s EverPure Shampoo is your kind of shampoo. It doesn’t feature any harsh sulfates, salts, or surfactants that can actually strip your natural oils, dull the color, and damage the hair. And have you ever taken a whiff of this product? It’s like a meadow of flowers in a bottle. But other than that, this purple shampoo nourishes the hair and will keep your golden ombre looking 24k.

Bright Blonde Shampoo by Oribe

Among the more high-end haircare brands, Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo will definitely surprise you just after one use. From one of the best purple shampoos for ombre hair, this shampoo comes out in a stunning violet color, but leaves your blonde ombre looking fantastic. Brightening any form of blonde, like highlights and ombre, this product color-corrects the yellow tones in your hair and prevents them from fading.

Yes, it’s specifically designed to enhance the gold hues in your hair, but it also deeply cleanses from your scalp to the ends of your hair. The Bright Blonde Shampoo is safe to use often and it protects your hair from the harsh UV rays. Cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologist tested, you’ll have the best blonde ombre in your life if you treat it with Oribe’s purple shampoo.

The Perfect Blonde Shampoo by Pravana

Among the best purple shampoos for ombre hair to buy now, the Perfect Blonde Shampoo by Pravana is so many people’s favorite. Never experience a boring and dull-looking blonde ombre again with this amazing purple shampoo. Through highlights, ombre, to a full head of blonde hair, your golden hues will always be touched up and looking fresh after using this product.

Through its exclusive dual ultra-violet dye system and a built-in optical brighteners, this purple shampoo cleanses gently, gets rid of obnoxious yellow tones, and leaves strands looking the shiniest in golden tones. Other than making your ombre look blonder, it gives your hair maximum strength, gives off shine, and elasticity from the added keratin, wheat, and silk amino acids. Always get the perfect blonde with the Perfect Blonde Shampoo! 

Dumb Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo by Tigi

If you haven’t heard of Tigi’s Bed Head line, then you must be living under a rock because this haircare line is seriously the greatest for all types of hair. As for your blonde ombre, you’ll be amazed by what the Dumb Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo can do for you. For increasing the cool tones in your hair and fighting off harsh yellow and brassy tones, your ombre will look shinier and more luscious than ever.

For a smoother and softer texture, you shouldn’t let the Dumb Blonde Shampoo slide so easily. For a haircare brand that’s praised for their products, this shampoo might even be your new holy grail product! While it reduces flyaways and combats frizz, it’ll improve the blonde tones in your hair and enhance shine after every use. Plus, it doesn’t empty out your wallet and little goes a long way with this.

Shimmer Lights Blonde and Silver Shampoo by Clairol

If your blonde ombre is looking washed out and faded, the Shimmer Lights Shampoo can easily rejuvenate the color and shine back into your hair! Since it’s one of the best purple shampoos for ombre hair ever, this is definitely a product to consider to maintain your beautiful blonde ombre hair. Affordable with an ideal amount of product, you’ll constantly have the best ombre ever for a much longer period of time compared to using a regular shampoo since it's a great product to make your hair color stay brighter longer

Color-enhancing any form of blonde, the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo is chock-full of protein in its formula. It also creates the blonde in your ombre to reflect light stunningly and soften the texture. Look as though you just came out of the hair salon whenever finishing up washing your hair with this product!

Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo by John Frieda

If you're a haircare nut, then you should definitely know John Frieda and his fantastic hair products. For more than 30 years, John Frieda has been experimenting products to make all types of hair look their best. And this includes those with blonde ombres, which brings the Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo into the picture for the best purple shampoos for ombre hair.

This purple shampoo makes the blonde in your hair bold and never brassy. As part of your weekly hair routine, refresh the golden tones in your ombre by making them brighter and much more vibrant. With a high-quality formula, this product can make your hair ten times smoother, softer, and well maintained just after using it once. You’ll notice a drastic change in your blonde ombre with John Frieda’s purple shampoo after using it three times! Not to mention it leaves your hair looking salon-fresh by reviving and rebalancing your blonde tones.

Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo for Blonde by Sexy Hair

Instantly get sexy hair with Sexy Hair's Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo! From the best purple shampoos for ombre hair to use on yourself, this hair product is actually life changing. If you recently got a blonde ombre, and want to maintain its luscious color, this is the perfect product to help you out. This purple shampoo will prevent your blonde ombre from looking dull and brassy but golden and vibrant. And the more you continue to use this product, the less likely your ombre will look faded.

Aside from helping your ombre look its best, this shampoo also deep cleanses. With top-quality ingredients in the formula like chamomile, honey, and quinoa, your hair will also gain nourishment and hydration. It’s also free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). 

Purple Shampoo Color Balance and Tone by ArtNaturals

Lastly, but certainly not least among the best purple shampoos for ombre hair to try out, is the Purple Shampoo by ArtNaturals. While the name of the brand basically says it, this natural product aims to brighten your blonde ombre and treat it wonderfully. For toning down any harsh yellow tones in your hair, this purple shampoo brings out the best hues in your blonde ombre as well as enhancing its golden tinges.

ArtNaturals’ purple shampoo also fully hydrates your hair, making it feel silky smooth and super soft after every use. And I guarantee you’ll never not be surprised by how amazing your hair will feel and look with this shampoo. With ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil, each individual strand of blonde hair in your ombre will be revived of its brilliant golden color and boost nourishment. 

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Best Purple Shampoos for Ombre Hair
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