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Brands That Release Too Much Too Soon

Eyeshadow Palette Edition

Disclaimer: This is an open, honest, and polite opinion. You are free to disagree, but there is no room or justification for vulgarity. That’s a reflection on you, not me. 

I honestly think some brands release way too many eyeshadow palettes way too soon. And while I am not against it per se, some brands put me on edge when they do it. 

Generally speaking, brands like Colourpop, Juvia’s Place, Rude Cosmetics, and De’lanci coming out with one or even two palettes per month would not bother at me at all seeing how affordable they really are. I am sure there are more, these are just the ones I am familiar with. Also, I like how Huda Beauty does her minis. 

But when a high end brand puts out expensive products rapidly? It bothers me for three reasons. Expensiveness is not subjective, no matter how rich you are. If similar and even better quality alternatives (not necessarily dupes) exist, the higher end product is expensive by default. At that point, you are simply paying for the brand name. And the three reasons being:

  1. It is so obviously money hungry.
  2. Lack of innovation and colour story.
  3. How are average people supposed to keep up? What I mean, to those who would argue that everyone does not need everything, is it is not fair to buy something one month only to regret it the next because the very same brand came up with something that you like more. 

My main point: A Sephora high end brand or an indie brand with the same price tag should not be coming out with more than two or three eyeshadow palettes in a given year. Take our bloody time and give us something new.

With that, here is the list at the top of my head. 

Urban Decay

One of my favourite brands.

  1. Born To Run Palette: I do have this one and do enjoy it.
  2. Aphrodisiac Palette: This one pissed me off. We did not need another beige mini with already having Naked Mini 1, 2, and Naked Heat mini.
  3. Elementals Palette: If I knew they were coming out with this. Would not have gotten BTR.
  4. Naked Cherry: I wish they would have used the Aphrodisiac theme on this one.
  5. That Tropical Beach Palette: More like the sand palette. 

Too Faced

A brand whose products I enjoy.

  1. The Pineapple Palette: Meh.
  2. The Raspberry Palette: Liked it, but not enough to purchase.
  3. The Gingerbread Palette: I low key want this. A smart holiday wearable colour story release. Wish they would stop with their standard greeting card looking holiday palettes and do something like this instead.
  4. 21 Birthday Palette: Underwhelmed.
  5. Sugar Cookie Mini: No one needs this.
  6. Peach Mini: Again, no one needs this.
  7. Their regular cardboard palettes: Look cheap as heck.
  8. The Clover (Dog) Mini Palette 

Natasha Denona

Calm your horses, lady.

  1. The Safari Palette: 129 USD
  2. The Gold Palette: 129 USD
  3. The Cranberry Palette: Two look like exact dupes from Joya palette. One looks similar. SMH. I still want it though.
  4. The Star Mini Palette: 25 USD
  5. The Tropic Palette: 129 USD
  6. The Lila Mini Palette: 25 USD
  7. The Sunset Mini Palette: 25 USD
  8. The Camel Palette: 48 USD
  9. I could be wrong but it seems that there is another regular holiday five pan palette. 

Kylie Cosmetics

This one is notorious for this, isn’t she? Forgive me, if I don’t get them all. No comments here, because not a brand that’s on my wishlist except two or three specific items.

  1. Kylie and Jordyn Collaboration
  2. Kylie and KKW Collaboration
  3. Halloween Collection: I do want this one.
  4. Birthday Collection
  5. Burgundy Exteneded Palette
  6. Peach Exteneded Palette
  7. The Bronze Extended
  8. The Nice Palette
  9. The Momager Palette
  10. The Blue Honey

Conclusion: I give you just four brands, and within a year between them they have provided us with 32 palettes. If people do not see anything wrong with high end brands pumping out so many (recycled, ahem, recycled) products. Cannot help but think, what is the problem with you?

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Brands That Release Too Much Too Soon
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