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Day/Night Skin Care Routine

For Dry, Sensitive Skin

I am extremely loyal to my skincare routine because it always leaves me feeling refreshed and confident. I wanted to share my routine with you because I find it is so hard to find products that are perfect for your skin type. It took me years to find these products that suit me so well because I have such dry sensitive skin. A lot of the products I was trying were high end products but they left my skin even more dry and red. So I started using cheaper brands and items and they are so unbelievably underrated. The best part about the products I'm about to show you is that they are all actually AFFORDABLE ... and ... THEY WORK! 

My goal from posting this is to help at least one person, somewhere struggling with the same dry, sensitive skin that I have and showing them that they can feel confident, refreshed and happy in their own skin ❤️ 

So let's get started with my favourite part of my routine.. facial cleanser. This step leaves me feeling so hydrated. I actually got introduced to this specific cleanser through my lash technician. Being such a light gentle product makes it perfect for cleaning my lash extensions, but what I didn't know was how amazing it was to use on my face. The aloe vera in it leaves your face so soft, I would never use anything else again. 

Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser

As if it couldn't get any better, it also doubles as a makeup remover. Unlike other removers that smudge and leave you with dark circles under your eyes of makeup this takes the makeup off so easily, circle free. Although I only wear makeup on my brows it's great to have a remover and cleanser all in one. I highly recommend this product for all skin types.

Now on to the most crucial part of my daily routine. If I ever forget this part or am in such a rush I regret it immediately after leaving the house especially in this dry, cold weather. Without my day cream my face gets so easily wind burnt as it's so naturally dry. This product is part of the ANEW skin care line from Avon. At first I was super skeptical about Avon just because I didn't know much about them. But after getting this product as a gift, I live by it!

Day cream

What I love most about this day cream is that it doesn't leave that thick sticky feeling on your face that I find other creams leave. When you go to apply it you really don't need much at all as it spreads amazingly. The best best part is that it absorbs quickly and leaves me feeling refreshed and confident.

Last but certainly not least, night cream. At the end of my crazy, busy, and stressful day I look forward to getting into my jammies, washing my face, and applying my night cream.  It goes hand in hand with my day cream from Avon. I find night cream is so important to my routine because it is the best way to prevent that dry awful skin that we all hate so much. 

Night Cream

Just like the day cream, a little goes a long way. Although unlike the day dream I find this stuff is a bit thicker when you put it on but it still soaks in fairly quickly. I love waking up in the mornings knowing my skin is taken care of thanks to Avon's ANEW vitale line.

Now I know I said that was my last step, but I love practising self care because I believe it's so important to take care of your self. Being a PSW it's important that I keep my my mind soul and body healthy so that I can take care of all of the residents that I love dearly. Saying that I try every week to take one day to really relax using my favourite face mask, also from Avon. 

Face Mask

I love this stuff because it really leaves you with clear skin. Although after using this I'm really in need of a good moisturizer because it leaves my skin super dry. The first plus to this face mask is that it's so cheap! The second plus is that you get multiple uses out of it and the third plus is that unlike other charcoal masks you don't peel this one off taking your skin with you, this turns grey when it's ready and you just wash it off. Super cool!

Like I said this amazing mask leaves my skin extremely dry so my favourite thing to use for hydration is body oil! At first I was super scared to put oil on my face because... pimples. But I wanted to try it and I'm so glad that I did. Look below to see what I use!

Body Oil

Unlike other oils , this doesn't feel like oil, it soaks into your skin so quickly leaving you feeling like a new person AND not oily. Plus this stuff smells amazing ... and you can use this everywhere. Enjoy. ❤️

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Day/Night Skin Care Routine
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