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Dear Lush

Open Letter to Cosmetic and Soap Company

Dear Lush, 

I've been an avid supporter of your shops since I first discovered them a few years ago. I love your ethics and what you stand for. I believe in your campaigns and I love how colourful and passionate your products can be. Everything felt like it was handmade with love. 

Your sea salt shampoo has done nothing but wonders to my hair and I feel it's made a big difference in volume. Your shower bars and bath bombs are fun and creative.

At least that's what it used to be. I remember coming back with big hauls and now I'm only buying it once in a while as a treat or presents to some of my friends who still love Lush. After watching many Youtube videos and doing lots of research, I think there are several things that I have to say to you. Even if some of these videos I have added to my article are a bit out of date, I feel the points are still valid.

Please respect your staff.

Seeing videos like this disappoints me a lot. I've also seen in the comments that many people have had bad experiences working for Lush as well which is a shame, because I bet in it's prime it would have been one of the most vibrant places to work in the retail industry.

The staff are being forced to be over-friendly and pushy especially at a time when mental health is on the agenda is cruel and outdated. The staff hate doing it. The customers find it awkward and then you moan about the lack of sales. With that in mind, Lush cosmetics are very expensive compared to others out there, and more brands are coming out with natural products now. I think it's a shame, you, as a company have gone so mainstream and money-hungry that you've forgotten the very things that made the company such a big thing in the first place.

According to sources, the standards in training has also dropped. 

Please improve your customer service.

Whilst I think on, the whole, the customer service is very good, I think the point still stands. I've heard it's okay in certain countries and not in others. The very pushy selling techniques are not good and especially scary towards someone who is very shy or has big anxiety issues. Some people do not like having their skin touched without their consent. Perhaps more training should be done on this. If someone says they're just looking, then just leave it like that. 

Staff at Lush should be respected and customers should have more space to enjoy their shopping at their own pace. 

Please be honest!

You're one of the most powerful beauty brands around. You claim to have natural products but many of your products contain parabens which can be toxic and "safe synthetics."

Former employers have said that you have lied about certain products that are vegan. Can you confirm or deny any of this?

Although this open letter has been negative, my thoughts on Lush as a whole are still positive. You are still a leading example of reducing plastic use. I just hope that one day Lush will be great again and will have the colour and fragrance back in its store.